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General information

GLBT Center "Together" is a non-profit public organization whose aim
is to fight for equal rights for Russian gays, lesbians, bisexuals & transsexuals, to secure the right to privacy, to help create long-term relationships, and to promote involvement in gay community life.

We are the only GLBT community-based organization, working exclusively with GLBT in Russia at the national level. Our Initiative group has been working on GLBT issues for 7 years and consists of 15 employees and 30 volunteers with expertise in different areas including art, psychology, literature, sex life, project management etc. 

"Together" is not a political organization, however struggle against discrimination is one of our priorities.

At the beginning of 2002 the Center obtained an official registration. This was an essential step in establishing various services providing psychosocial and informational support to gays and lesbians with no access to the Internet.

To attain the objectives, the Center launches a set of activities:


Let’s make the world better!

We have started a big project. Most of our initiatives are absolutely new for Russia. We are looking for NGOs all over the world with good experience in GLBT, social and AIDS-prevention projects similar to those that we are about to launch. We are open to all new ideas that will make our projects more successful.

Ideas? Questions? Offers?  Get in touch!


We are full members of:

Lesbian & Gay

Gay & Lesbian
Youth Organization
National Forum of
working on HIV/AIDS in Russia

Our partners

We’re in touch with various institutions around the world, which we are happy to thank here:

UNAIDS and East-West Institute, that helped us a lot to establish contacts with NGOs around the world
World Health Organization, supporting our HIV/AIDS prevention activities for Russian MSM (men having sex with men)
PSI Russia, devoting plenty of efforts to gay health in Russia. We are grateful for your help!

Terrence Higgins Trust,

London Gay & Lesbian Switchboard,

British Telephone Helplines Association

and New York GLBT Community Center,

that are contributing to the development of our hotline

COC Netherlands, sharing their experience in MSM social projects and willing to help in setting up the Community Center in Moscow
Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS for their initiatives enabling Russia to be more effective in the global fight against AIDS
Haworth Press, providing us with books and publications on social services. We’ve just started to distribute their publications to interested NGOs