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  • My Spartacus III

    11. What I've read about gays in Moscow newspapers and what is written in Russia about them now.

    11.1. The role of Russian media and press in popularization of our theme

    Of course you may represent partially the life in modern Moscow and Russia if you follow the information from newspapers and media. But if to do it, then you receive mainly the knowledge about the explosions and the fighting with terrorism, the corruption and killers, the "pedophiles" and prostitutes. Preparation to the elections in different state organs of different level is now everywhere connected with the tendency of politicians to create the complicated atmosphere, from which it is easier to extract the political trumps or advantages for themselves.

    The "blue or gay civilization" and its manifestations are spreading from western Kaliningrad to eastern Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. The theme of sexual minorities became unexpectedly one on the most popular in Russian media on the immerse spaces of our country.

    Giving, for example, much information and often the negative one about sexual minorities, the politicians finally advanced to them trying to attract their voices. The newspapers, on the other hand, wanted in this way to keep the old subscribers and to attract the new ones. Even Zhirinovsky wanted to receive the voices of gays by visiting our discos and sending his emissaries, for instance, at Stroguino beach.

    If to remember the numerous article in Moscow newspapers, the most popular "MK" published recently the materials about one "pedophile", which kidnapped and raped the boys and represented himself as a man from Russian Orthodox Church. The newspapers described in details, how he was raped before in the children's house, when he was a boy. Then he behaved in the same manner with a large number of boys: he forced them to have the sexual relations with him promising to travel together around the country. This and similar descriptions were so detailed, that it was possible to imagine that the authors wanted to give the manual for somebody, who had the same inclinations.

    The same newspaper published the interview with an actor Alexander Pesky, who parodies at scene the known Russian pop-singers - divas La Pugacheva, Lolita or Larisa Dolina. He paid much money for the costumes and all of them were stolen from his dressing room in Sochi's circus, where he performed. A.Peskov as well as many other actors and singers of modern variety is open gay, and everybody now it.

    The interview with Alla Pugacheva in "MK", when she sang together with the gay chorus from Los Angeles, was especially notable in this case. Alla stated that she always had the sympathy to gays and that she was their "Queen". (It is really so: many Russian gays admired her songs and performance with many "our" marks and many try to imitate her.) In interview Alla informed that her Swedish impresario gave her a testament before his death to participate in the "Intervision" competition of singers as well as to sing with gay and to marry a gay. She felt that her participation in "Intervision" was not too successful, but it opened the door to Dana International from Israel, who became the winner next year after Alla failure. As to husband Philip, who is by twenty years younger than she, Alla first declared him as a gay. And finally about singing with gay, she sang with the whole chorus of gays from Los Angeles.

    The concert had the tremendous success. It took place in one of the best Moscow hall named after the composer Peter Iliych Chaikovsky (also a gay). Of course, the concert collected mainly the sexual minorities, which, as it was written in MK review, represented "the very perceptible publics subtly and emotionally reacting on music". The hall was overcrowded similar to the situation with a concert of this chorus in Copenhagen, where I have been. The husband of Alla Philip tried to record the concert for TV and together with the known dress designer Valentin Yudashkin and a singer and dancer Boris Moiseyev promoted to a special spirit of kindness and love in hall. The program was quite various (the marvelous mixture of American things of Bernstein and Negroes spirituals with the pieces of Orthodox Church's composer Chesnokov and the songs from Alla's repertoire).

    Alla explained her desire to sing with chorus with such words, which I want to present here: "The talent has no color. I am eager to have the situation, when there would be no social outcasts". These words are really important, because the homophobia is still strong in Russia. It was great that Alla and the gay people at scene tried at least to make this situation more tolerant.

    As I mentioned a few times, I visited the concert of Los Angeles chorus in Copenhagen ten years ago. I spoke about my impressions in my report "Music in Gay/Lesbian Subculture" in August 1989 at the Gay Conference in Moscow. The people from Chorus knew that I was from Russia and presented me after their concert in Copenhagen the excellent CD and the songs from it that I showed to the participants of Conference aroused the great admiration. By regret when I was myself in Los Angeles, the chorus went on tour. It is really great that the singing of chorus in Moscow created not less admiration than in Copenhagen.

    The concert in Moscow Chaikovsky hall was finished with a song of Dean Rid - the American singer, who was especially popular in Russia (in particular, among gays due the size of his prick and some our gays were so proud, that they "were" with him). He had a strange reputation due to collaboration with Communists and lived last time of his life in Eastern Germany, where he was killed there "under strange circumstances" near the lake Mogelsee. But he had many good songs and his "We will overcome everything" performed by gay chorus in Moscow was accepted with such animation as if it was the new hymn of Russia. The problem with Russian hymn is now under consideration.

    Now I want to say some words about very popular dancer and singer Boris Moiseyev. His song "The blue moon" became practically also the hymn, but only the hymn of gays in modern Russia. It was so that the Russian cosmonauts liked this song as a lullaby, while their American colleagues working in the same spacecraft admired it. I've seen myself that to take tickets at the concert of Boris not only in Moscow but and in other cities is practically impossible. He is supported by all our gay community, while such our stars and divas as Alla Pugacheva, Liudmila Zikina and Irina Ponarovskaya also support him and participate in his concerts.

    Boris is a real gay and he admitted recently that he made some operations correcting his face and body (as some my friends from United States, where such things are so popular among gays and very expansive). Boris wanted the young people to like him. At scene in accordance with his own words he propagated "the love and clemency to all the people". At his anniversary concert In Moscow the flags appeared at scene: six three-colored flags of Russia and the flag of Rainbow - a symbol of homosexuals of the world. It was really great to see this flag on Russian scene!

    The gay theme became very popular in Moscow theaters. For example, you can't see simultaneously so many plays of Tennessee Williams anywhere else except Moscow. The best actors and actresses played and play in them (now Liya Akhedzhakova in "Sovremennik" , Svetlana Bragarnik in Gogol Theater and others). As to the Russian writer of XIX century Nikolai Gogol, two main his heroes - the adventurer Khlestakov and the postmaster were shown in the new performance of known comedy "Inspector" ("Revisor" in Russian) at Satire Theater as two open gays that shocked even me. Anyway this new and strange reading of classic play met the sympathizing reaction of spectators. To see the duets of these heroes with gay underlying theme was really funny.

    There are so many other performances in Moscow with gay theme, and they are most visited: the halls of theaters are always overcrowded especially those produced by gay director Roman Viktjuk, about whom I wrote in the part devoted to the society "Triangle".

    If about 10 years ago and earlier (for at least 70 years) it was impossible to find something about our life at all in Russian media, now you can find something everyday. Some materials appear, as I wrote above, in the most popular daily newspaper "MK" (Moskovsky Komsomolets) and its weekly application - the magazine "MK Boulevard". The article "Guards of love or minjet for a handful of small change" described the most popular place of gay meetings at Kitai-Gorod (China City).

    It was written: "It is easy to find solders trying to ask the small change near the trade stalls. And you will be not greedy to give one or more rubles to the defenders of Fatherland. In our time (a time without satiety) this phenomenon is not so shameful. But there are the rumors, that in the capital of the country the men in military form try to earn on the side by prostitution.

    The homosexuals are gathering in Moscow near the monument to the heroes of Plevna (a city in Bulgaria, where Russians beat up the Turkish army). That is their main city point after the event, when the trees in the public garden near Bolshoi theater were thinned out (the "blue" or gay forest was cut down before Moscow 850-year celebration). In evening in "China City" (a square near Polytechnic museum and the former building of Central Committee of Communist Party) you may see in the underground passageway the typical groups of people: the respectable not young men in company with the skinny teenagers, affected pale guys, professionally insolent gigolos..."

    The newspaper continues: "The closely cropped solder of first year with rosy cheeks was turning at the point in the company (as it became clear later on) of entrepreneur-procurer. The last one was a shaggy, slovenly guy, whose face with wet lips formed a contrast to the placard appearance of solder.

    The author of article (Serge) wandered around this couple and couldn't decide: either to play the role of client, or to treat the solder to beer and to strike up a conversation from afar. But Serge was too coy for it - and even wanted to drink hundred grams of vodka for bravery. Meanwhile some third undersized man with Asian appearance, threadbare jacket and sporting pants joined to them. The short talks took place and the trinity began an unhurried way upstairs. Then they started out to the nearest public convenience by Polytechnic museum. In this Gents tight basement place there was already a crowd of people in ammonium vapors, though all the cabins were free.

    The Asian man came first in the last cabin on the right. In one or two seconds the solder came there too. Imitating the desire need, Serge came in the next cabin, stood up with feet on seat of pan and looked from above. And though Serge supposed, what was the real reason of couple seclusion in cabin, the acts were not for weak-nervous one: the solder stood "hands at the seams" and kept patiently an eye on the actions, with which the Asian man squatted, released the sex organ from uniform trousers and played with it... Serge jumped down, flew out as a bullet outside and only after swallowing the fresh air he regained consciousness (I believe that Serge is a gay himself too because only a gay might describe and know all these details).

    - Really, many guys like to use the solders at "pleshka" (that is a gay name for the place near monument) - it was the vivacious reaction of Serge's acquainted gay Tolik on his story. - What follows from it? The lads are young, clean and don't ask to pay much: all love is only 50 rubles (about $2) or even less... Somehow in the flat, where I live, my friends brought two young guys in civil dress. But when the chaps undressed, I've seen at them the military underwear... They were the solders deserted from Podmoskovny unit. It was so, that they ran away because of warrant officer, which strive to obtain them as the women. This officer took from solders by 50 ruble for each day of the written leave of absence - and he prompted himself, where and how to earn this money...

    - Once in summer I and my friend took at the "pleshka" a robust marine infantryman with help of a bottle of vodka - Tolik continued - A tall beauty under two meters (5 foots) in the black form and beret. He said, that he was from Tushino (Northern part of Moscow) unit. You can also find at "pleshka" the solders from the guarding subunit of Defense Ministry, as they represent themselves.

    "The love is great for a man, who gave a life for his friend" is written at the monument for Russian solders heroically fallen under Plevna.

    "What kind of loves the present solders practice here is the bitter mockery of history, - conluded the newspaper and continued: The fact, that Russian solder begs at street and come to the panel (pleshka), is both miserable and symbolical. It is so, that the people are "went down" not only in army, while the army is went down. At that a number of recruits and volunteers in this matter is constantly increased with every year. Such defenders of Fatherland have already a special nickname: "is armed, but entirely not dangerous".

    I don't want even to comment such "openings" of popular newspaper. Another their publication had the name "The verdict is repealed because of insufficient attention of court to the genitals of murderers". That is its text:

    "A verdict to two youthful homosexuals, which had beaten to death the third partner directly in the time of loving plays, was pronounced by the city Moscow court. One of murderers is convicted to 11 years of a deprivation of freedom, while the second one - to 12. However the last point in this matter is not posed.

    The mutual understanding between three gays of 18-20 year old resulted in their coming to the stair landing of a house 5 on Academician Koroliev Street in April 1998. Only one guy among the perverts was active. Just he paid afterwards for this activity with his life.

    As the investigation established, this gay indulged in turn the both his partners with the oral caress. However the orgies were finished quickly, because the "activist" bite by chance the genital of one partner. The friends began to beat the careless lover with rabies, until the latter subsided. The homosexual died in place from the obtained traumas.

    The murderers were detained quickly, and the matter was soon transferred in court. Just there some contradictions in the testimonies of defendants came to light. Each of them approved that not his cock was bite and it was not he, who started to fight. It was impossible to understand something from the conclusion of experts who studied the both cocks. Nevertheless the court handed down a verdict with accepting the fact, that the corpus delicate is on hand and the details are unimportant.

    Anyway the Supreme Court of Russian Federation canceled the solution of Moscow City court and sent this matter for the new examination. In addition, judges of the first instance should now understand whose genitals still suffered. They should also to check another arguments of appeals of convicts and their lawyers".

    Before I tried to collect all articles on our theme but now it is practically impossible. I want to remind only some recent short pieces from the publications of "MK Boulevard" devoted to the known French couturier Pako Rabann and the American magician David Copperfield. The first topic was about Raban.

    "The unexpected predictions of Pako Rabann surprise, shock and sometimes even frighten. For example, he approves optimistically that the overpopulation forecasted for a long time ago threatened by no means to the Earth. What can protect the planet from the demographic catastrophe? The point is, as this graybeard man similar to the Georgian film producer Paradzhanov explains, that the Earth is a living organism. It breathes, eats, sleeps, holds different dire straits, is ill, treats itself, slowly gets old... But all its viability is directed for self-preservation. The people are actively multiplied, but it occurs under control. For decreasing their birth rate and securing itself, the Earth resorts to the reliable natural means - the homosexuality! Do you know, why a number of nontraditionally oriented men were greatly increased recently? Pako Rabann explains that our planet injects by itself the vaccine from overpopulation.

    After making much in the sphere of visual fashion, Rabann organized the routine revolution in the world of aromas. In particular, he introduced the men's perfumes (XS). Finally he created such flower perfumes, that meant the triumph of "unisex" epoch, when the differences between sexes are effaced and the harmony of human individual is put at the head of the list".

    Now some their "ideas" about David Copperfield and about the description of his youth, as it was done in the article about him with a name "Miracle worker".

    "As known, David Copperfield is a pseudonym. A real name of the greatest magician is David Set Kotkin. He is originally from a family emigrated from Odessa. David was interested in focuses already in childhood. In youth he tested himself in ventriloquism, but he didn't gain some success. Soon David got a job of requisitor and assistant to Sigfrid and Roy. Today these two known homosexuals owning the network of gay-clubs, though their main advantage consists of not this fact. They were acquainted one to another still in 1960 (at one evening party Roy was dressed in woman's clothes and strives to obtain Sigfrid). They began to study, think up and perform the magnificent tricks, in which the tigers took part.

    David was said not only to have worked together with Sigrid and Roy, but also to have been involved in love with both of them. The end of story was not quite beautiful. Anyway Copperfield knew many secrets and accumulated the experience in organizing the magician business. By the way, the homosexual theme persecutes David up to now. Last year the facts became clear, that his novel with Claudia Shiffer was nothing but a cynical forgery, and it poured oil on the flames.

    The rumors connected David with Michael Jackson, who is another sexually scandalous person. David helped to Michael in production of tricks for the musical show. That is also a fact, the friends made the plastic operations with the same surgeon". I don't want again to comment these two pieces on Pako Rabann and David Copperfield.

    Some time ago my friend Ed brought me a CD with the songs of new Russian gay singer Shura. Recently the same newspaper "MK" asked the opinion of their readers about pop singers, and this Shura was a winner. It is so well known that Shura is a gay. Now the Shura concerts collect in Russia the full audience of quite different and ecstasic people. The gay orientation of many other pop-singers here is known as well, and it promotes even to their popularity. So, even the negative information tries to make the people more informed and tolerant in their attitude to gays.

    11.2. A book of Igor Kon

    The book about gays of Igor Kon is a publication of quite different nature but of the same gay direction. As I wrote, some years ago in Moscow Cinema House at the meeting devoted to organizing the society "Triangle" and on the section, at which the problem of spending a free time by gays was discussed, I suggested to intensify the cultural and sportive activity of gays and spoke about such examples as the widespread in Germany and USA gay-chorus or the sportive competitions (Gay Olympic Games, for example, etc.). The known already and very respectable in gay circles psychologist Igor Kon told me (I repeat it again) that it should be necessary not forget, that we lived in Moscow but not in San Francisco. This argument was really disarmed for me then. But if today the above mentioned publications appear, we can conclude that the situation was changed even in comparison with situation existing about 5-10 years ago. And the appearance of the books of Igor Semenovich.Kon testified it well.

    One of these books is "Moonlight from dawn to dusk, or faces and masks of unisex love". The book appeared in the bookshops and was sold practically at once. A number of printed copies (10000) was quite large for the time of our modern Russian crisis. The appearance of such book confirms that today Russia is quite different from what we had in the beginning of 90th.

    The book described practically all multilateral aspects of unisex and made it openly and without concealing anything. When I read it, I was agreeing with each word and each claim of author. As I wrote, Roman Kalinin gave me a thick book (in English) about homosexual history. I've read with a special attention the materials of Semen Karlinsky about gays in Russia during last four centuries. I was so astonished, in particular, to know that contemporary (now died) singers V.Kosin and S.Lemeshev and the known film producer S.Eisenshtein were gays.

    When I had the very friendly meeting with S.Karlinsky in San Francisco (my American friend Mike from a square dances group organized for me this meeting), I asked Semen, where he received this information. He answered, that it was gathered in the total world (besides Russia), in particular, from I.Kon, who was known well abroad, had a grant and worked there, in particular, in the universities of SF, where he met many modern specialists on gay subject, had and has the exchange of information with them. Some other professors from San Francisco, whom I met, also told me with warmth about Igor Kon.

    So, I.Kon is connected with the known scientists of the world and all his information, for example, the recent publication in "Gay.Ru" on the problems of "love to boys" is very relevant.

    In his book I.Kon generalized the huge material. He is informed about practically all western and world approaches to the unisex love, and he is really a friend of such people. He tries to help by means of changing the relation to them (to us) of surrounding world. It is especially difficult to do in Russia, where more than a half of a century another sanctimonious and intolerant viewpoint on this question was implanted, while the people of not-standard orientation were exposed to the criminal punishment. Of course his book is extremely urgent and useful. In all fairness it should be necessary to underline, that the gay "revolution" taking place in the world since 1970 didn't touch yet many countries (we are lucky, that our Russia is not among them). The criminal punishment still exists in many countries of Middle East and Asia, where the homosexuality is very spread. I judge about it, because I worked for some years in the Central Asia Republics of former USSR, where I met so many gays being our contemporaries in everything, while such punishment continues to take place.

    Igor Kon in his scientific investigation or even encyclopedia traced the history of homosexuality in the total world very thoroughly, comprehensively and seriously. For me it was surprisingly to know about quite natural homosexual relations among American Indians, Chucks, Aleuts, and native tribes of Africa, America, Indonesia. It shows that in all these cases the homosexuality is not a sickness, while an inborn state, and to fight with it simply senselessly. I.Kon showed that the people in some isolated primitive societies behaved in this way by intuition. And it is interesting, that this situation existed in the certain periods during the development of civilization.

    Religion and some public and social reasons initiated most the negative effects on it. I want to say only about one fact and to remind how often the relation to gays depended on the quite free interpretations of Bible. I was happy to translate some materials, which were kindly presented to me by the church MCCC (Christian gay and lesbian church in USA). The fallaciousness of a whole series of treatments and translations in Bible were shown and proved in these materials. And just these mistakes and inaccuracies were used for the negative relation to gays.

    I.Kon showed, how the church, society and authorities used historically the homophobia for "tightening the bolts", looking for "guiltiness", fighting for power and for the private purposes. We know, what the results of such policy and actions were obtained: during the Second World War the fascists sent in camps thousands gays together with Jews, gypsies and communists.

    I.Kon showed also the considerable role in the "liberation" of gays in 20th century (remember by analogy the liberation of black slaves in States) directly or indirectly fulfilled by the poets and writers of the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century in England (first of all, Oscar Wild), France (M.Prust, A. Zhid, Kokto and others) and Germany (T.Mann and others). All these writers were forced to conceal (because of outside and their own inside reasons) their gay essence, but finally they showed the natural way, uncontrollability and even purity of real men's friendship and unisex love. Some of them, as my favorite Oscar Wild, adopted for themselves the "first blow" of surrounding society and reality saturated by homophobia. It should be necessary also to thank I.Kon, who remembered the names and analyzed the works of many other poets and writers, which were not quite well known, but whose creative works could become the real opening for many new interested readers in Russia and everywhere and support them.

    It is so important that I.Kon showed the development in cinematography of the tendencies that were begun in literature. He remembered the works of L.Visconti and its film "Death in Venice". I myself remember what great effect on me had this film as well as his "Satiricon" and a little earlier the English film "Process over Oscar Wild" with Peter Finch in the main role.

    The independent evaluation by I.Kon of a state of modern gay movement in Russia in his book seemed to be especially important. By regret, as the book's author fairly noted, the gay movement teared by the same contradictions, which were inherent to it in other countries. The leaders of gay movement here couldn't share their duties between themselves accusing one to another in all sins (I wrote about it above). The International G/L organizations rendered certain assistance to Russian "Triangle", but now it is difficult to determine or to know how useful this assistance was applied. Anyway as I spoke above just the former leaders of our Russian G/L movement made many good things if to be justifiable. They were the first and they had a right to make mistakes. Only those, who do nothing, have no mistakes.

    In addition, and it is very important, I.Kon noted that it was impossible to legalize the "Triangle" society (as well as "Rainbow" before it) in juridical way, that testified once more the negative homophobia attitude of some people in authorities and society in their relation to the sexual minorities. We could console ourselves only by the fact, that the similar situation takes place in the more or less extent everywhere in the world.

    My own opinion after reading the excellent book of I.Kon is so, that the general situation for gays in Russia is improved very slowly.

    It is good that now I.Kon has his own page on a site "Gay.Ru". I like to read his materials because they inform us about the new openings of western psychologists on the problems of homosexuality and contain another information that is helpful for us.

    As to the problems of marriages between the unisexual couples and possibility to have and educate together the children, these questions are yet not for Russia, and I may in this case only to agree with the words of Igor Kon appealing to me: "We shouldn't forget that we are here but not in San Francisco". But even there many problems still exist. Anyway the situation abroad is changed quicker than in Russia. And it is possible to find many examples of it. Some of them were presented in the book of I.Kon, who discussed there practically all aspects of this urgent and wide problem.

    11.3. About Ulianovs' brothers or "Freud's complexes" on a service of the

    World proletariat

    The excellent director and leader of Leningrad theater of comedy Nickolai Pavlovich Akimov told this plot to the writer Gregory Gorin, who died soon after publication of this story in MK. I respected these great men and I decided to give the translation and exposition of their material. In spite of specific features of comedy theater (named finally after N.P.Akimov in communist time, though he was not a member of communist party), Nickolai Pavlovich was often "invited" to the Leningrad regional party committee for receiving the instructions how to make a repertoire "more serious" and more historically revolutionary. Just once after one such "preparations and instructions" he told to Gregory the story, which he heard himself from one Russian historical scientist. N.P.Akimov retold this story in such way:

    "Does the party demands from me the citizenship spirit? Revolutionarity? I am ready. But then allow me to tell to my spectators the truth! For example about Ulianov brothers. The play might be better than the Shiller tragedies! More fascinating than any Duma!

    It is better to begin the story about Ulianov brothers from their mother. It was so that Maria Alexandrovna Ulianova was not such lady, as the known Soviet actress Sofia Giatsintova played her in the stage play "Family" (similar to the innocent Virgin Mary). Really she was during her youth, how to say it softly, a large play girl! But it is silly to accuse her for that. She served by the court of sovereign Alexander III. This monarch was known due to his elaborated energy, which he directed not to the State prosperity, but also to the ladies in waiting and the ladies of high society. Maria was just one of them. As a result of such flirtation the boy was born and named as Alexander (probably from a desire to make happy his father). However the Tsar lost quickly the interest to a new favorite and illegitimate Sashenka.

    In a short time Maria Alexandrovna gave birth to the girl, but it seemed to be not the sovereign. To avoid the hints and gossips it was decided to remove her out of sight and to marry to Iliya Ulianov, who was not quite healthy man being at the hook of secret service (okhranka - in tsarist Russia) due to his nontraditional sexual orientation that was especially persecuted, as you could understand, in the field of pedagogy. He was forced to be married. As a dowry after Maria he received the nobleman's title and the service in Simbirsk, where the newlyweds were sent a little farther from Tsar eyes.

    Volodya (Lenin) was born soon and then another three children appeared. It was difficult to install paternity because of the merry temperament of Maria Alexandrovna and the indifference of Iliya Nickolaevich to the sex with females - it was so many gossips in Simbirsk about it. It was natural that all these rumors and taunts injured Volodya, and they made really furious his older brother Alexander. Hostility to the stepfather was transferred to his hate to father! Therefore being in St. Petersburg for studying he took part in the attempt on the life of "Tsar-father" in the direct sense of this word.

    When Maria Alexandrovna knew about arrest of her son, she came at once in Petersburg and was immediately accepted by Sovereign. (This fact was either not mentioned by historians, or they couldn't explain it distinctly). Later on the Tsar and his former mistress visited Alexander in the fortress (and this fact was know to everybody), asked him to confess and to go away in monastery, however as an answer they heard only the curse words. (What a scene of this visit can be written - Shakespeare can be in envy). After understanding all the shamefulness of happened events, which could be common for society, Sovereign signed the death penalty for son. (But then the execution was not made. Accordingly to one version Alexander finished his days in the lone cell of Petropavlovskaya fortress, where many illegitimate heirs of Russian throne finished their days beginning from Tsarevich Joanne up to "Princess Tarakanova").

    When Volodya had known about a death of brother he couldn't evidently to pronounce his historical phrase: "We will follow another way!" Due to the solicitations of stepfather he went from the childhood by "another" way (the homosexuality of Iliych is investigated in many foreign publications, and abroad it may be found easily in the case of interest). But the hostility of Leader to women was increased in the unheard-of cruelty! It doesn't concern Krupskaya - it was a "political" union, and Armand - the poetic-platonic union. And Russia-Mother received from him the stepbrother Felix Dzerzhinsky with a full program of cruel sadomasochistic orgy. One clever scientist told me: "The philosophy of Russian revolution should be searched not in the works of Marx, while in the works of Freud. Only then it is possible to understand what sexual-aggressive impulses moved the acts (deeds) of revolution's leaders".

    In the end of his story to Gregory Gorin Nickolai Pavlovich drank a wine and said: "This scientist had by regret the very sorrow end". Therefore it is necessary to be very careful with this story.

    11.4. The heavy load of Russian freedom

    There is no such society in the world, where everything is O'K for everybody. I remember, how astonished I was, when my friends showed me the special barriers at the bridge in Washington DC, that were made against a large number of people ready to commit the suicide. I showed myself Moscow to the main editor of popular San Francisco magazine "Guardian" and his wife. They told me, that their city contains the extremely large number of people having no home. I've seen such people in Paris (even many ladies preferring to have food and sleep at the street than to die in the flats of hungry). It is really so strange, when I've met the conflicts between nationalities in the modern Berlin (Germans and Turks) or Goteborg (Swedes and Finns). Even in these prosperous Scandinavian countries I've seen the unemployment and the homophobia. Anyway practically always being in other countries of West I thought: "Please, give us your problems and take ours". However just our Russian problems and faults are not understood at West, while the people in Russia are suffering first of all from... the freedom.

    Many people, especially the intellectuals, dreamt for the long Soviet time about the freedom of thinking, speaking and choosing. The problem consists now in the fact that the people dreamt about it for decades and received it practically in one day. And therefore the most part of people in Russia was not ready for it. It was finally so, that the totalitarian regime, that was sworn by intellectuals between them, suited them quite well at the kitchen.

    Surely the former system didn't promote softly speaking to the conservation of health. In the same time the people has been already adjusted to the minimum air that was given to them for breathing. And they found even some degree of comfort in it: there is no responsibility both for the life of a country and for your own life. Somebody decided everything upstairs, and everything was thought and predetermined in place of you. Everybody knew, what would be your carrier and when to wait the next increase in salary. All the life - from the birthday to the cemetery was clearly visible.

    The nostalgia about the past is still strong. How many people now wanted to return for example the music of old Soviet hymn! One ancient philosopher remarked "A slave agrees to idealize its own chains". The people working at the places of correction in Russia write or tell the stories, when a man finished servicing a prison term made as if specifically the new crime for coming back in the cell. Let me be in cage, but then everything is known, customary and stable. Finally, when the common "cage" collapsed, the people felt the confusion and fear before the new, completely unknown life.

    Really the reforms are so slow in Russia, and the economy is reconstructed with creak and clumsily. However the main trouble of modern Russia consists of impossibility of a human and its psyche to be changed in so quick time.

    The outside acceleration of life results inevitably in the inner acceleration: the balance of organism is disturbed, the biological rhythms are reduced, and the pressure on psyche appears. The human begins to feel constantly the alarm, disturbance, and confusion. As a result the break between the demands of constantly changing public, economic and social relations and the inflexible and unreceptive to new ideas human psyche results in the "crisis of identity", the loss of your ego.

    It was really a shock, when the "Soviet people" knew instantaneously about the collapse of "the inviolable Soviet Union", when the so customary ideology and the political system disappeared practically at once. It is true that today already millions of people and first of all gays has been suited to the new conditions, found their place in life and are even successful. However for so many people this deep inside personal conflict resulted in the disorder of psyche, the diseases and the not acceptance of the new conditions of existence.

    It is possible to determine the three variants of states, when the people have the disorder of adaptation and are not able to adjust themselves to the new reality.

    The first anomalous one is conducted by a loss of the important goals in life that results in the apathy, estrangement and social distance. As a result, such man becomes sluggish and unenterpising, loses the confidence, feels unable to resist to the difficulties or to overcome them. Just such people are the first for "shortening" at the work. And they are not able to master the new profession, to deal with something different. The financial difficulties appear, the tension in family is grown. Finally the "vicious circle" is developed, that can be broken in your imagination only by your aggression against yourself.

    Another variant of dissociation includes such disorders of adaptation, when the aggression is directed inside of you. It is connected with the same things: by the absence of acceptance of the modern life. At least it is so in presentation of a man himself. And again there is the fear in the subconscious, but just the life doesn't accept him. Such type of disorder is typical for the excitable people with unstable psyche. The very fast social changes strengthened, on the one hand, the aggression living in them and, on the other hand, they took the received freedom as "the freedom from"- conscience, morality, personal responsibility, feeling of the inevitability of punishment. The changes of mood and the intolerance of other opinion or behavior are typical for such people. They are the heroes of "street boundlessness" and are able to slaughter for no particular reasons a passer-by, to destroy the benches, store windows and cars.

    The yearning for the totalitarian past is even more visual in the third variant of the disorder of adaptation. It is an escape from the life with its difficulties and problems in the world of mystical sufferings and illusions. Just now in the end of XX century Russia dipped at once into the medieval world of white and black magic, sorcerers and sects. The modern Russian soil seemed to be favorable just for the totalitarian sects: the people grown accustomed to live on the Stalin's precepts can't live without the idol, to which they follow bindly and obey without question. And the people become the fanatics of eastern religions, go in the sphere of mystic presentations and emotional experiences. I don't speak here about the positive role of religion on the whole and the eastern philosophy in particular.

    One way or another, but everyone in Russia must adopt this new, unpredictable life violent by events. However the losses are great: up to 20% of Russians need the psychological or psychiatric assistance. The constant stress, offenses, alarms, dissatisfaction are striking not only the psyche, but also the total organism. The angina pectoris, hypertension, bronchial asthma, unusual arthritis, ulcer of stomach, duodenum represent the kinds of so called psychopathic diseases.

    One man told that he began to sleep in other way - curling up into a ball. That is the intrawomb pose and his desire to return in his mother lap, where he received the food, heat and defense. But only himself can protect the adult man. And the first thing that is necessary for him is to get out the "cocoon", to stand up on his feet, i.e. to move and to act.

    It is necessary to move in the direct sense of this word; try after the unpleasant conversation at the work, after the quarrel at home to walk with fast steps, to dance, to make a few physical exercises. The muscle joy is turned out by a good frame of mood. To move and to act is first of all not to sit with your hands folded mourning your life, not to wait for the weather from sea, not to be hiding from yourself. It is important both at work and at home, to be engaged in something. That is a factor that makes you healthier.

    The market economy and the democratic freedoms create the most favorable conditions for the development of personality, the successful realization of your opportunities. Each man must search and find his own niche, his business, and his style of activity. Only in such way it is possible to use the strongest side of your personality without harming to your own health.

    However the strong persons are also not guaranteed from stresses, and therefore it is necessary today to know how to use the methods of psychological protection. And we use some of them but unconsciously. For example, it is the "denial", when the human doesn't absorb the troubled information or the unpleasant facts. Or it is the "exclusion", when you as if forget about the unpleasant. There is also a "projection", when your own and often bad acts are attributed to other people. All these things are not productive, because they don't solve the problems themselves, while drive them in subconscious, where the diseases are grown and the nervous failures and depression take place.

    It is more reliable to switch on the mechanisms of conscious protection, because it is again the active counteraction against misfortunes. The psychotherapy methods helping to remove the tension, alarm and fears consist of the following:

    * To learn to speak - to confide in with the dear man, to relieve your soul;

    * To start running - the motive activity neutralizes marvelously the stresses;

    * To begin to laugh - the laugh improves not only a mood, but removes also the head ache, reduces the pressure, normalizes the breath and the sleep and increases the protective strengths of organism;

    * To make love - a sex is the powerful tool of relaxation.

    Those people, who adjust themselves to the changes and felt in the new Russian life as a fish in water, "have swum out" not only due to their strong psyche, the fighting qualities of their nature, but also due to the fact, that seeing the modern difficulties they looked first of all in the tomorrow's day. The yesterday's day will never come back. And it is necessary to adapt yourself to the new circumstances.

    Finally, it is not so bad in Russia today. But before coming in bed it is expedient for the people here to strike a balance of day: how much of bad and how much of good you had today. And you will see that after all it is more "pluses" in the present life than "minuses". And probably the same advice is good for the people in other countries too.

    I told you about things described in Russian magazines and newspapers. This last section is practically a short content of some methods discussed and presented at the international conferences (in particular, on OT - Organization of Transformation), which I visited and described above as they applied to the Russian conditions. It concerns both straight and gay people, because all mentioned problems of Russia exist for the total population of the country.

    Vladimir Kabakov

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