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  • My Spartacus

    в сеняхДовольно увлекательное повествование о путешествиях-приключениях. Почему по-английски? Автор говорит, что начал писать свои заметки довольно давно, когда тема была еще запретна. Тем, кто знает язык, будет интересно читать, а потом - побывать и самим "опробовать" нижеупомянутые места.

    1. Aunt's support and Ukraine impressions

    As I wrote, my aunt Ava greatly promoted to my love of trips, travels and changing the places of being. It was begun from our local trips to the pine-tree forest near Moscow in the fairy-tale place Razdori, where we admired the wild flowers and singing of birds, collected the mushrooms and were saturated with so clear and clean air. The Russian nature and forest have a special mysteriousness, spirit and beauty, transparency and colors, smell and scope. Every time I felt myself so free and inspired boy or guy without problems after such trips. Of course I felt it due to the reliable support and presence of my aunt, who gave me all positive spirit, experience and results of her own life and who was indeed my real friend. And surely it was so because of my gay nature, which required the new positive impressions and constant renewals.

    Therefore, when I began to work in my Power Engineering institute, where many excursions were organized, I tried not to miss even one of these trips. And often I invited my Aunt to travel with me. We were in so many places of the former USSR. And due to these and further trips and travels I created my own "Spartacus" - the conduit of my presentation about gay places of the world. In reality "Spartacus" is a well-known yearbook about good places of the World for gays. It contains the description and information about practically all gay places, cruises, bars, clubs, and discos in different countries and cities of the world. I created my own "Spartacus" and I shall present it in the sequence as it was formed, i.e. in accordance with the sequence of my visits and impressions of the different places.

    I shall begin from Ukraine, because my first, most picturesque and bright feelings and impressions were born there. I shall begin from the excursion to the West Ukraine. In city Uzhgorod I felt the "spirit" of homosexuality everywhere during sight seeing and visiting the excellent vault basement, where our group had a possibility to test a few marvelous Carpatian wines. Surely I was in-group and my dreams to find "our places" were vain.

    Only in evening I managed to run in city garden that was not so far from our hotel. I found the park's toilet in the dark corner of park. It was the late time and if the electric lights in park permitted at least to understand where this place located, inside it was perfectly dark. But just even outside I felt that I was not alone there: the shadows of some mysterious guys appeared there and here. Inside I found at once a standing body. Both of us as the totally blind people felt at once that all our "parameters" and sizes were perfectly the same.

    That gave us such excitement, which I've had never before. Our kisses were so deep and long that we forget about everything. This dirty place became as a Paradise for me. We were so tender one to another and tried to do the best things for the new unknown and so clear partner, so we began to kiss all the places of partner's body, which were accessible. And all our actions were perfectly mutual. I sucked his sweat cock and he made the same, I put it in his ass hole and he repeated it: it was possible to imagine that both of us waited for this moment for ages - we were so prepared for everything. And this blindness and darkness only improved our actions and our openness. And I knew that the people around us could see us: gradually the eyes got accustomed to the darkness and I began to see my charming partner, who was to all his appearance probably a Hungarian by nationality. I knew that I was waited in the hotel, I thanked him and said that I should leave.

    "Can you leave me after all?" - asked he with astonishment and hope. In two words I explained my situation and all the group of gays inside, which followed after us with attention and whom I began to distinguish as well, parted to let me pass. I understood that all of them participated indirectly in entire process of us two. But nobody wanted to spoil our happiness, and therefore I wanted only to touch all of them as if to thank them for "good" behavior. That was also true that they had perfectly the same desire. The time stopped for a moment. I hugged my momentary lover at parting and slipped out.

    Very soon I reached the hotel, informed Irina about my being at the place and went to the bed. But I couldn't sleep: I had only one desire to return in that place once more. But in the morning of next day, when after the breakfast I came in the same place, nobody was there. I found that the place of our love was quite clean inside, that was in such contrast with situation in my Moscow toilets, where nobody was care about the order and cleanness.

    After the launch we left Uzhgorod, and the bus carried our group to city Lvov. Lvov was practically the first "western" city that I've seen in my life. The architecture of city, "Armenian" and "Jewish" parts of former city center, where the rich merchants lived before the Second World War and where they had built for centuries the so beautiful buildings, as well as the Catholic Cathedrals and the unusual and cozy cemeteries with many Polish graves and the underground "toilets for us" were wonderful and so new for me.

    I found at once, what was located in the basement of town hall (it was a building of the former city council) with its wide stairs leading down to the large room with urinals around. In corners I found at once what and whom I looked for. In this large city the people were much more prudent than in Uzhgorod. Anyway when they understood my desires I had a wide choice of those, which wanted to have the different actions with me (as me with them). I was there a few times in three days of our being in city and overtime I had so good and different impressions of people and places there.

    Lvov is also known now by its bathhouse "Cheerfulness (Bodrost)" and two cruising ways in the really excellent Striysky Park and another such place - before the Opera Theater at the Freedom (Svoboda) avenue. The last one is nicknamed as "one-hundred meter"; i.e. as well as we called it in Moscow and everywhere. [Well! These west-Ukraine guys are free now of us- Muscovites (Moscaleys - in Ukrainian) but their gays are finally following us in this "one-hundred meter"!].

    During our excursion in Lvov my aunt was finally tired. Therefore I accepted the invitation of Larisa Sergeyevna (another old lady from my work, which was also my good friend). We visited together with her the city (and she waited for me in the times, when I "visited" my favorite underground toilets), the Striysky Park with white-blossomed apple- and pear-trees and finally the concert in their excellent Opera House (there are only two other such beautiful Opera Houses in Europe - in Odessa and Vien). The lady in box-office was kind and gave us the good and cheap tickets. The concert and the singers with excellent voices were so good and impressive that I remember everything as if it was only yesterday. And everywhere in Lvov I felt this native gay spirit! Finally our known theater director Roman Viktjuk is from Lvov.

    Another my trip with a group from my Institute was along Gogol's places of Ukraine. The trip was especially good. It took place in April, when the road was surrounded from both sides by unlimited gardens with the blossom apple trees. I've never seen such beauty in my previous life before. The situation was spoilt the reaction of my group on the explanation of our guide, who was Jewish. Her explanations were in my mind really good and deep and I couldn't understand in the beginning why their reaction was so negative. Only finally in the end of trip I felt that it was her Jewish nationality - antiSemitism was strong even between my intelligent group. What could they say if they knew about my gay nature?

    The first city that we reached was Kharkov. There we visited the excellent picture gallery. All picture galleries at Ukraine that I visited including that in Kiev were really good. This time in Kharkov and many times after it, when I visited some scientific conferences or was an official opponent of dissertation in this city, I was always busy and had no any time at all for "my deviations'. Only in the case with the dissertation trip I was "attacked" at the railway station by one really handsome Caucasian guy, which suggested to fuck me. Frankly he was so beautiful and masculine that I wanted to follow his desire but my train waited for me, and the railway toilet was not so good for it.

    Now Kharkov is famous due to its gay club "Counter (Kontra)". Another place of city for gay meetings is pointed out by great Communist Leader Lenin standing at monument near the "Universitatskaya" underground station: the hand of Lenin figure at pedestal shows at one of exits from this metro station - it is the real place of meeting.

    The mentioned trip on Gogol places, where I was with Irina, took place just after the event with English teacher from Italy, which lost and found his documents, I felt that the old lady from our institute personnel department had a duty to follow all my steps. She and her husband-pensioner (probably he worked in secret service before) tried to do it openly and "carefully". Of course I was much younger and managed to slop out of their "duty attention". If to be frank these old people were quite pleasant people, but in general the people are so different in all circles and on different levels and I met so many nice and kind people even among KGB people. Now I don't want to remember about bad ones, which spoilt much my blood.

    The real Gogol places were begun in Poltava. The city was green and nice, had the large museum about their history and such appearance as if nothing was built here after the revolution. Before the dinner I received finally the free time for myself and went at once to the place, which I noticed still during sight seeing tour from the window of bus. Of course my intuition was true as ever. Through the huge round hole in a wooden wall of toilet I've seen the huge, straight and long prick of unusually big width. It belonged to the Ukrainian guy with extremely black hairs and so blue eyes. We understood one to another at once and practiced some possible things already through the hole in cabin. All other different variants of sex were tested, when he came in my cabin. He said that it was safe there and he was true: nobody spoilt our desires to suck and to fuck one to another with great and full satisfaction. He appeared to be a student of local pedagogical institute and told me in short time much good about this city and a large number of gays here at Ukraine. I didn't know then that Gogol was never married in his life and his sexual orientation and desires were not so (or so) clear. I parted with the black-haired boy carrying a feeling of completely fulfilled "task".

    The "attention" of some people in my group and a very short time of being didn't allow me to find the similar places in Dikanka and Sorochinzi - the known places described by Gogol with their huge oak trees and a large puddle. In the hotel of Sorochinzi my group celebrated my birthday. It took place downstairs in the local restaurant and everybody drank and ate much, because we were allowed to bring much our own food and drinking. For example, Sveta from my institute brought the whole ready goose. Surely Irina and I tried to do the best for making this birthday party. And everywhere at Ukraine they gave us the good and really Ukraine food, especially in Kiev.

    After visiting the old city Bezhin, where Gogol studied in gymnasium, we visited the ancient Chernigov with its old Orthodox Cathedrals and beautiful nature in the valley of river and reached finally the inimitable in its beauty town on the hills over river Dnieper and my favorite Ukrainian city Kiev.

    I was in Kiev many times. Finally I knew the many central toilets with holes and without them, the gay cruising ways and other places. The Ukraine gays are so soft and tender and are most speaking in so tender and pleasant manner. I met some of them also in Moscow near Kiev railway station, where I am living.

    The capital of Ukraine bears the palm among all "blue" or gay cities of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Kiev is famous for such gay places as "Turnip (Repka)" - the Shefchenko park near, the cruising path along Kreshchatik (up to Bessarabsky market-place) as well as the underground toilet near the known Vladimir cathedral being nicknamed as "Satisfy your grieves". I found and visited these places myself by my own intuition without any "Spartacus", and it demanded much time and efforts. Therefore I feel them as my "own" places.

    In "Adonis" - the gay beach on Dnieper near Hydropark University I met a good many-years friend Volodya from city Shostka, who as me suffered from psoriasis and who was by regret not a gay, though in his appearance he was so similar to the guy from Poltava toilet. Another Kiev place "Penis-court' (a bath-house at Krasnoarmeiskaya street not so far from Bessarabsky market-place) is also popular. I was there a few times during my different trips in Kiev and understood that this place was mainly for the old visitors looking for "youth guys", which like the old (rich) partners.

    I found gradually the best and most popular place for meeting that was similar to the garden near Bolshoi - "Swallow nest (Lastochkino gnezdo)" (a boulevard at Vladimir hill), where the chaste "cellophane girls" had and have their promenades. Every time, when I visited Kiev, I had the happy periods of life and they were the great occasions for me.

    The old Odessa on the coast of Black Sea is the city, where something draw me always back: the city has something specially attractiveness and unique. The first time I came here with my Georgian girl friend Natela and two Chinese friends. Architecture and Jewish spirit of city charmed us. I wrote about my trip in Odessa by ship "Admiral Nakhimov" in a chapter about Ivanovo's Sasha. By regret the ship, which before the War was devoted to Germany, was tragically drowned 25 years later. Of course in the time, when I was there with Natela and when I was "straight" man and fought with my gay nature, I knew nothing about gay Odessa.

    When I came in this seaside city again in some years for the conference on my specialty, I lived in the hotel on the central Deribasovskaya Street. Just from the window of my room I've seen the toilet in the small garden on the other side of street. I met there at once some gays with the typical Odessa manner of speaking and behavior reminding sometimes the behavior of people at their known bazaar "Privoz (A shipment)". So I knew a gay Odessa. There was also here its own "one-hundred meter" - from Pushkin monument to Duke Rishliye one (Lanzheronovskaya street).

    The spots of meetings in Odessa are "Shoe (Tuflia)" in a city garden and "Victory Park (the former Lenin Park)" - across the Sport Palace. The cafe "Gambrinus" at Deribasovskaya Street became a center of gay attraction many years ago. For example, the classic Russian writer Kuprin of beginning of XX century was turned in the tomb as a propeller. I felt the proper spirit of this place quickly after my first visit and tried to come there every day during my being at the conference.

    The Odessa gay-beach is located near the French Boulevard and nicknamed as a sauntering place. Nearly here you may hear the soulful phrase: "Don't kiss me in such volume!" And the Odessa girls of both males "cut the fountains" (play on words), for example, in "Metro" (the underground toilet at October revolution square).

    I knew Ukrainian City Mariupol (the former Zhdanov) because of its huge metallurgical factory. One engineer from there wrote me a letter that they had much waste heat and it would be profitable to use for its recovery my spray pumps. Finally I visited this factory. Not so far from it I found the wooden toilet with round holes between cabins. At once I met there the worker with very robust figure and no less hard cock. Our open desires became clear for us at once and we had a sex through the hole at the beginning (oral) and then in my cabin, where we tested all other variants. I was a little astonished that the simple people from factory had such experience and knowledge: Ukraine was a very advanced place in our matter and our sex. Therefore my trip to the factory, where I wanted to implement my pumps, allowed me to use successfully some other organs and my private inside possibilities.

    The gay life is overflowing at Ukraine: sometimes the poet Kostia Gnatenko announces himself as a main "gay bird" of Ukraine, sometimes a pilot issue of public-political newspaper "Spark (Iskra)" is published with a subtitle "The silence is the death!" The collection of gay lyric poetry "You are my bunch of roses" is published in Chernovtsi region. In Cherkassi the collection of gays is gathering in the toilet of stadium "Spartacus" (a stadium, but not a book) - under "football boot or roof", and in the public garden near a railway station.

    In Zaporozhiye this place is on the ways near Sailor's club at a square named after admiral Ushakov; in Donetsk - the public garden near the library named after Krupskaya (a wife of Lenin). Donetsk is famous as well with its lesbian club "Rapana". The ballet dancers and visitors of their opera house are so known in the country because of their so blue or gay nature.

    The Opera Theater in Dnepropetrovsk is also a place for gay meetings. I came in Dnepropetrovsk by ship from Kiev during some free days after visiting the conference in Kiev. I found "our places" at once. There were here as well a fountain with illumination "Near glow-worms" and "Pompino" (a patch near their TSUM - a central department store). The wild beach at the island, which is settled at a bend of river Styrr, is also popular. I remembered the bridges to this island and a little cold weather that spoilt my impressions from this marvelous place.

    Now after so nice Ukraine I want to return to the city, where I was born and live all my life.

    2. Our Moscow reality and its backgrounds

    What were my first steps in gay Moscow. After meeting the operetta singer near the first printer Ivan Fjodorov monument and his words about the place, where I went after him (he meant the Column Hall), I knew quickly all these central "meeting" places. The facade of underground station on other side of street from Column Hall was "decorated" in that time with the figures of two nude sportsmen with huge cocks pushing out their swimming trunks (the figures were removed later). Everybody perceived them as the symbols of central gay place, because they were just near the toilet "Under hats" known since XIX century and described still by Moscow chronicler Guiljarovsky just a century ago.

    You could meet in this toilet many known pianists, singers, dancers and other people. I was so astonished to see there many times the known dancers of Bolshoi during the interval of ballet performances. I knew that their dances demanded so many feelings and strength, that they wanted to be unloaded or relaxed and to give vent to these feelings in the cabins of this place. I knew that when I worked as interpreter at the exhibitions, the work was also very emotional, and I also needed and made such discharges every time (if I didn't manage to suppress these my desires).

    I met at these places many guys, about which I wrote. As to the square near Bolshoi Theater I was afraid to come there for many years. There were also another places for gay meetings in Moscow and they were as everywhere, first of all, at the Moscow railway stations or, if to be more real, in their toilets. Just near the toilet of Yaroslavsky railway station I met Sasha from Ivanovo. And many of them I met near Kievsky railway station, which was near my home.

    So, my gay life took place in the quite different place as well as in epochs. And what is this life today?

    Surely Moscow bears now the palm in this matter in Russia. "Girls! Hurry up and go at the route!" - you can hear this cry of some stars of panel and this cry is resounded in the chaste twilight of the capital. The popular place of meeting for "the persons of nontraditional orientation" is still "one hundred meter" - the benches around fountain before Bolshoy Theater and the similar place near underground "China Town". The artistic cafe " Aliona" (as well "Pederasts" cafe) in the Art theater passage and the Sandunov bath ("Sandunovich-Banchenko" - banya is a baths house in Russian) are also sanctified by the historical "gay" tradition. In this banya I've seen first in my life as a few guys fucked under stairs the known dancer of Bolshoy Theater, which danced in this evening the Prince if the ballet "Cinderella".

    Since some time the same stamp of "gay place" concerns also the Moscow Cinema house.

    Only the "Minjet yard" (the real historic name - "Monete yard") situated in Tretyakov passage has lost its popularity. Just here in the underground toilet I met the first man - the former star of Operetta, with whom I had the first real adult sexual relations. For me it is still a "memorial" place.

    Such places of "war (or arms) glory", as the toilets "Bricks (Kirpichiki)" or "Three birch trees" (Komsomolskaya square), "Waterloo" (in the shop "Children world"), "Meeting at Elba" (near Luzhniki stadium), "Sapunies" (in the Sapunov passage near GUM), the reading hall (in the state Lenin library), "Shelter" (near Kalanchevskaya platform), "Ho Shi Min hall" (near Yaroslavl railway station, where as I mentioned I met Sasha from Ivanovo), "Indian tomb" (Taganskaya metro station), are still functioning.

    The beach "Swan lakes" or Lebyazhka is so legendary. I mentioned already this place some times. It demands about an hour to reach this place from underground station "Tushinskaya". But when you come here you forget about long way and all your problems. The sunshine likes this sandy place and lights it as a scene. The sand is of softly yellow and even of silver-golden color, and it is really convenient to lay on it. The place is surrounded by hillocks covered by grass, clover and wildflowers, birch and pine trees. Some birch trees adjoin just to clean water of bay, and there is a feeling that they guard the beach from "other" life, while a few not high pine trees would like to give a pat on the backs of "pansies", which usually visit to the shore of this bay in Stroguino.

    That is finally the only beach in Moscow for "our" people. On other side of bay, in the clean and transparent water of which you may see well the bottom and swimming young fishes, the shore is covered by small trees, shrubs and high grass, and now many gays prefer to come there. Further behind the Moskva-river there is Sosnovy Bor (Pine Forest) known also as a Silver Forest, where there are another beaches (for example for nudists) and a settlements with the houses of known or rich people.

    Everybody coming at beach has his own place, which he likes and which is "intended" for him. The men, who are getting on in years, i.e. "babushkas", occupy the small forest behind hillock. My beach friends and I like the place on this hillock or the sand near it. The youngest and most pretty "girls" or pansies, our gay serious couples and sometimes the lesbians occupy the sand in succession from its edge to center, where our "sportsmen" play volleyball. It is so nice to see their muscular figures and constant movement of their pretty pricks, when they are nude.

    It is so wondering that in spite of drunk parties with "waste", inevitable cigarette butts, synthetic bottles and even preservatives, this place keeps its primordial and clean view. I should say that many gays and I myself always try to take away or to burn the garbage, wooden or synthetic packages, while for some gays the collection and returning of numerous bottles in shops became the source of life support or surviving. Some other men come here for selling vodka, wines and even light food. All service here is independent or amateur including sex. In general the relations with nature are here based on the mutual interest and equilibrium. Even, when the cars with water and sandwiches for sale are coming here, our drivers managed in spite of their merry-unrestrained way of life try not to press down on grass and flowers. Moreover only God knows how they managed to reach this places along the narrow part of land between two bays, which is covered by small trees and shrubs.

    Another part of our place adjoining to other large bay (just before the Moscow region Stroguino) is marshy and covered by high (sometimes in the height of a man) grass, among which our gays-birds managed to arrange their nests for sunburn and other more serious amusements (sexual ones). The boundary between the marsh and beach is the beginning for the path, which on the one hand leads to the dead-end of peninsula, which is covered as in jungle by high grass and shrubs and where you could see (if you wish) and find any type of sex and actions. One of the names of this place is "Homodrom".

    On the other hand the same path, which is called "The path of love" with a length of about 300 meters, leads to such brushwood and hidden places that you couldn't find in any gay sauna, though the nature made this place in principle in the same manner as the people made it artificially in our saunas of Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels or New Orleans, where I have been. You may walk here to and fro by circles between separate places convenient for meetings and sex. In general we, Russian gays, have here everything as the "ordinary" gay people of another world in saunas and clubs.

    Of course the most popular Moscow places for meetings of late are in the gay clubs and gay discos, so-called "Golubiatni (pigeon-lofts)". A pigeon is "golub" in Russian and a gay is a blue one (goluboy boy): therefore it is a play of words, which is so popular in gay world. The quite new "blue hotel" "Night owl" was opened recently and works not so far from metro station "Sokol". Some places were closed You may still visit such well-known gay discos as "Chance", "Three Monkey", "Central Station" or "Chameleon". The information about these places appears, for example, in weekly magazine "Leisure (Dosug)" or newspaper "Moscow News" published in English.

    Now the most popular place in Moscow is near Metro Station "Kitai-Gorod".

    Frankly I don't like this place known also due to the toilet "Nautilus" (the basement corner of Polytechnic museum). Though it is really dangerous place, many gays visit it all time of the day. Some events that are occurring here I shall describe in Section 10.1.

    3. Do you know where I am living? Arbat and events of Putch

    I try always to show all interesting sightseeing places in Moscow and some our places (ballet, Russian banya - steam bath or sauna, discos, clubs, beach etc.) to my friends or tourists from other cities and countries visiting me. And sometimes I forget to show them the street, where I am really live. I live quite in an end of the first pedestrian street in Moscow - Arbat.

    I think that this street is worth to be described. Not only because our Russian known writer Rybakov, who died some years ago in New York, made it as a scene for life and action of the heroes of his novel "Children of Arbat". Arbat is finally Arbat ands is known itself, though its length is no more than one kilometer.

    I am living in the house located at once behind Smolyenskaya square. Arbat is finished just here with the large grocery store "The seventh continent", the very clean two-stored McDonalds located nearby and multistoried building of Foreign Ministry that was constructed literally in the last years of Stalin epoch in a style similar to the Moscow Kremlin towers.

    By the way, Kremlin is located only in 10 minutes on foot from another end of Arbat - the Arbat Square. The restaurant "Prague" that is one of the best for its Czech food and decoration is located here at Arbat. The culinary department of "Prague" was a favorite shop of my parent and family. We liked their cakes "Prague" or "Vlatslavsky", the excellent salads, Czech fish or ham and on one celebration or birthday in my home was without them. It is wonderful that the high quality of these products is known in Moscow for many-many years and even now.

    Arbat square is really noteworthy, because the first in Moscow cinema "Khudozhestvenny" (Feature cinema), which is equipped now with the modern apparatus and the convenient armchairs. Many film festivals took place here and I've seen here many good Russian and foreign films.

    The strange building in the form of five-pointed star is located near the cinema. That is a lobby of metro (underground) station "Arbatskaya". Arbat street is located between this station and station "Smolenskaya". There are also at Arbatskaya Square the modern Post office, the huge ugly building of Russian Pentagon (Defense Ministry) and the charming and recently stored chapel testifying that there were here before some churches.

    In five minutes from here there is a square Nikitskiye Vorota (Gates). Here the monument to Timiryasev was installed before the War. During the War it was broken by bomb and collected again by pieces. The toilet near this assembled Timiryasev is a very popular place for gay meetings. Recently this toilet received again its main destination after some years of use for shopping. The service here (I don't mean the gay sex) is free of charge and the gays love it (they don't like to pay generally). And again you may hear under the arches of underground space: "Man male, what is to regale lady on vodka?" This place is especially popular among musicians and intelligent people, because the Chaikovsky conservatory and some theaters are quite nearby. But you may meet here the people of any specialty.

    In two quite different parts of Arbat square there are two monuments to the Great Russian writer of XIX century N.V.Gogol. One of them is sided in a court of old building, and the Muscovites like to come here for meeting with the sitting writer bowed his head, surrounded by its satirical heroes from "Reviser " (Inspector) and "Dead souls" and thinking about the fate of Russia. Another, but Gogol is standing at boulevard: "Soviet government" presented this "optimistic" Gogol to the "Soviet" people, and the favorite place of Russian punks is located on the benches around this monument. By the way, as I mentioned, Gogol was never married, visited Italy and the different rumors are going around his sexual orientation and strange death. But he was really the excellent writer and showed many typical contradictions of our Russia - the country, which he loved endlessly. In next chapter I shall describe the new version of his "Revisor", where some heroes were shown as the gays.

    The Suvorovsky Boulevard, where this monument as well as Timiryasev stand, is a part of boulevard ring being the second one after the walls of Moscow Kremlin. The third one is the multikilometer and wide street Garden ring with many subways and overpasses. The Smolenskaya square is just a part of Garden ring. The map of Moscow (and the map of metro repeating it) is radial-circular. Arbat is a part of one radius. Moscow was built for a long time ago (recently it has celebrated its 850 anniversary), and you couldn't find at least one straight street in Old City. Arbat is also the twisted street with its charming and even the melody, which is so difficult to confuse with the "melodies" of other Moscow streets.

    The modern poet Okudzhava, who was also the author and performer of songs about Arbat, lived at this street. In XIX century the well-known Russian poet Pushkin (the 200 anniversary of his birthday we will celebrate in June) lived here as well with his young wife Natali. Now it is a museum there. Finally so many known people lived here before. The age of Arbat is a little more than 500.

    In the above mentioned novel "Children of Arbat " the author (Anatoly Rybakov) showed how the typical features of totalitarian regime, its rudeness and intolerance to dissidence in the Russian or Soviet conditions adopted the special forms of suppression and absolute pressure of power, KGB, party and personally Stalin and his surroundings on the simple people. Surveillance, denunciations, fears and banishment in the quite known Gulag distorted the fates of many inhabitants of the country and, in particular, of Arbat.

    Stalin chose Arbat as "his" street, and he was transported across Arbat by car to his out-of-town dachas. Therefore Arbat became the street of particular regime: the special control was installed over all its houses and citizens. Imagine only, what rich country was the Soviet Union, if it could allow to itself to carry out the continuous control for all its own citizens and foreigners living or coming in the country. Arbat was only one example of this situation! After all, there was not such modern technique for the "work" of secret service in Stalin communist times, as now. The betrayals, slanders and breaking of any normal human relations including the family ties were so prospering and encouraging in that time and many things (homosexual relations) were forbidden at all.

    By regret, it is so difficult to forget about those times, and my daughter as my boy friend Ed advised me often to think more about future, and I was agree on the whole with them and their "American" approach. It was difficult to imagine but the new KGB (FSB) took once again the total Arbat under surveillance. It took place in the time, when Moscow decided to celebrate 500-years anniversary of its Arbat Street. Five years before it Arbat has already become the pedestrian street and received the new huge underground collector, the marvelous roadway covered by the color (mainly, red) paving blocks, the new street lights in a style of XIX century and even not deep plantings of trees, which indeed perished very quickly, as well as many other plantings over all Moscow because of using in winter the "special" salt against the snow and ice, which was unbearable for pants, shoes and trees.

    For the first years of its pedestrian history Arbat was transformed in the large market of souvenirs for foreigners, Muscovites and guests, which became to visit often this part of old and cozy Moscow. After much proper works Arbat was got younger and was accurately restored. In addition the adjusting streets and side streets with the real architectural pearls of XYIII, XIX and the beginning of XX century were gradually restored too. And gradually the non-organized market was changed into the normal place of a sale of souvenirs with sellers, many of which speak fluent English.

    In addition to the known restaurants such as Prague or shashlik place "Rioni", many new places appeared and spread on the territory of Arbat as, for example, in Paris or Brussels. In a number of such places Arbat overcomes probably their number in the similar places abroad. In particular, I advice you to visit the Georgian center with its great restaurant. The Georgian cuisine partially reminding me the food, that I tasted in New Orleans (a little less spicy), is really worthy of your attention especially accompanied by the excellent Georgian music and singers.

    в горы!But I want to return back to the celebration of 500-year celebration of Arbat. Ed and I had met in our usual place near Metro station "Smolienskaya" and moved along Arbat. The street was really celebrating and bright, and in many places of it the platforms-scenes for the holiday performances of actors were constructed. At the beginning there were almost such feelings as I had in New Orleans at the tremendous holiday Halloween. However... Arbat is only a part of Moscow and total Russia and it wishes or not, but is should follow to their history, their turns and curves.

    Gradually we have seen at Arbat something unusual. Instead of actors we notices the couples and groups of quite not young people. As ever in such cases I asked: "Why did KGB-men occupy Arbat?" But by my regret they were probably the former Gebists, while now they began to play the "roles" of putchists. They occupied the scene-platform near Smolienskaya Square instead of dancers and singers, and their loud words with antigovernment swearing began to pollute the environment. It was the beginning of putch, the center of which were Arbat and Smolienskaya Square. Then they also chose Sadovaya Street and White House.

    The events of this putch are so well known in the world, and I don't want to remember its details. Ed and I left this place of "celebration" very quickly, though the Sabbath was only begun. In particular, the putchists used the rods of fence around the siting of new building as the pikes. Now you may see at this place the new huge department store "Smoliensky".

    Finally the fate, appearance and people of Arbat reflect in many aspects the history of total country. Arbat remains one of the oldest and main city streets. It is no wonder that in parallel or in addition to it the new Arbat was cut through the oldest part of Moscow in 60th. The only advantage of this Soviet Downtown consists of the fact that it saved the fate of old Arbat, which kept many features of old Moscow and total Russia and was not transformed in the street of "new Soviet" Moscow.

    If to see in the right side from a balcony of my house you will see three bridges over Moskva-river and the White House, while to the left - Novodevichy (New Maiden) Convent and Moscow University at Sparrow hills. Between New Maiden Convent and my house there is "Maiden or Cherry garden" (near the military Frunze academy), the nearest place from me, where the gays are meeting. I met there Ljonya, with whom I was a few years, and Ljosha (the waiter with knowledge of foreign languages).

    My house is perfectly in the end of Arbat. This street had seen the entry and departure of Moscow by Napoleon army in 1812, but today it has many signs of new reality. For example a new shoe shop was opened by known singer-diva Alla Pugacheva (she developed the shoes herself), the cafes of Italian and Japanese cuisine, the fully modernized house of Ukrainian culture. Arbat may remind you now the other pedestrian zones or boulevards (in German) of the world, and you can find here as well the artistic performances under open sky. You can hear at Arbat the songs of Latino-American ensembles, but surely they are mainly the Russian singers and acrobats, the satirical theater of Vakhtangov theater school students etc.

    There is at Arbat a small museum of M.Tusso with Russian waxy figures, in particular, of J.Stalin, M.Gorbachev etc. in the Georgian Cultural Center. For some years you could make at Arbat the pictures with Nikoli II, V.Lenin and Hitler (of coarse, with their doubles) as well as with monkeys bear, snakes, camel or horse. Nickolai was really Nickolai (not 2nd one) and a known gay from our beach in Stroguino. He was very kind and nice man but I haven't seen him last time. You can receive here also your drawn portrait (as at Monmartre in Paris). There is a zooshop and you may buy the different animals and fishes there (officially) or nearby (not officially), but if you like animals, your heart will ache for them: Arbat is a street for people, but not for animals.

    The known and mentioned Vakhtangov Theater in center of Arbat was damaged during the War. Now it is restored and worth of visiting for good performances. The scene of theater is often used for the other theaters and performances, including the musical ones and ballet. You may see here sometimes the plays in production of the known gay and producer Roman Viktiuk with his special actors. His theater and productions have a very obvious gay nature.

    The savage market at Arbat existed together with many places for video and even for porno films, but they appeared and disappeared simultaneously. Arbat is alive and changeable organism. The street is conveniently located, because it is near my home and three hotels: "Radison-Slavyanskaya" - at other embankment of Moskva-river near Kiev railway station), "Belgrad" and "Golden ring" - at Smolienskaya square. "Belgrad" is cheaper and more available than other two five-star hotels, and therefore my friends (Robin from the USA or Regina and Semen from Israel) like to stay just here.

    In my mind Arbat is a soul of Moscow. Everybody, who visits it, keeps his own picture of Arbat. I am a happy man - I am living here and when I am not in Moscow, a desire to come as soon as possible to my Arbat doesn't leave me.

    4. My St. Petersburg

    I liked Leningrad from my first visit there in the wintertime, when I was a student. The girl, which I met at the graduation evening after school in Column Hall, gave me the address of lady, which worked as an excursion guide in Katherine Palace of city Pushkino (in 40 km from Leningrad), and I managed to see quite not restored after War palace, especially its broken central hall and amber room. In Leningrad I lived in the family of cousin of my mother uncle Kostia. His wife Nina Nikifirovna, daughter Larisa, three sisters of Nina Nikiforovna and their cat met me with tenderness and attention. The streets covered by snow, the smoke from stacks, the excellent original architecture, museums and theaters admired me forever. But that time I knew nothing about gay life and places.

    When I knew it, my trips to St.Petersburg became extraordinary nice and interesting. I knew quickly the main place of meeting near the monument of Ekatherine the Great and cruises along Nevsky Prospect to the Moscow Railway Station. There were many toilets in city, which were used by gays for meetings. Near monument to Ekahterine I met the known dancer Nikita Dolgushin. Our people told me much bad about him, but I liked his slim figure and his long trunk. He had a special character. As he told me, he liked to destroy "the gay couples". Why did he liked it, I didn't understand, but I didn't like just this desire. In Moscow I visited his concert with Sasha from Ivanovo. By regret Nikita felt on the floor during the first his dance and the concert was over - everything is possible in our life.

    During many trips to the northern capital, which is not behind Moscow in gay affairs, I met many other guys. I remember one of them, who was a student and who told me that he was absolutely passive. I didn't understand it then but I liked finally his behavior and everything that we made together in the room of Academician hotel, where I lived. One time in summer I met a man with semi-bald head and very young and handsome face. He had also the nice slim figure and a large cock, which I've seen in a toilet near the Winter Palace. He invited me to his place that was in 80 km from city. I was also astonished that this man was totally passive and again I liked what we have done. I lived then in Larisa place and managed to reach a city by bus in the last moment before leaving my train. Larisa was so nervous that I was absent in time, but finally everything was O'K.

    As I mentioned, I visited a few times my friend by correspondence Dimmer from Leningrad University, whose dormitory was in Petrodvorets (about 40 km from city). All trips to Dima and meetings with him were excellent. Though he was from Siberia, he managed to be imbued with St.Petersburg spirit and charming.

    Once in Moscow at beach in Stroguino I met a gay from Leningrad. When I came in city, he showed me some gay places (discos, clubs), which only began functioning there, and showed me some St.Petersburg bathes popular among gays. Generally Saint Petersburg is famed from time immemorial with its "bath-business". The evidence of 17 years old bath-house attendant Vasiliy, who was discovered with "a work" in 1866, was kept in the affairs of Petersburg criminal court: "When one comes who wishes to do it, he makes to wash, while meanwhile I have already seen, that he needs not washing and he begins to put his arms round and kiss, ask my name and then try to make with me as with a woman…".

    Nowadays such Peter bathhouses as a "Baltimore" (near Baltic railway station) and "Yamskiye" (at Dostoyevsky Street), where the imitation of washing takes place here at the second floor, are most popular. In the second place, where my friend from Moscow beach invited me, I met my good friend and actor Sergei, who in some months died of AIDS in Moscow. This young beach friend with Arabic face and slim figure had the wadded tampon in his ass hole. He explained me that somebody "rewarded him with some venereal illness. Both of them (a beach friend and Sergei) didn't think that it could be dangerous for another visitors: they decided only their own problems, and it is so typical for our world.

    Another memorial place for gay meetings in St.Petersburg is the repaired "Tselibeyevskiye bath-house" at Nekrasov Street, where the poet Michael Kuzmin met the bathhouse attendant Sasha Broshkin and described him in his story.

    The gay-sauna "Narcissi", where I was together with my Danish friend Niels, astonished me with its small sizes. Anyway they have there swimming-pool, showers with oilcloth curtains, the black rooms and a room with gay porno TV films, i.e. everything as in the normal gay sauna but of miniature sizes. Anyway the gays were there very real, nice, kind, young, slim, beautiful and with very good pricks, especially the very polite medical student servicing the snack bar.

    Such "Chaikovsky spots" of city as Fontanka, Solyanoi lane, Mokhovaya became fashionable. I notice it during my recent visit to city, which was preparing to its 300 anniversary. I've seen the former School of Jurisprudence, where the author of "Swan Lake" was studied, from the sightseeing boat, which I found near Petro-Pavlovskaya Fortress. At the School dormitory the bed of Peter Iliych was near the bed of "sweet-heart" Apukhtin, with whom they formed the strong "family cell" (much later Suvorin remembered in his diary, that before a sleep Peter Ilyich came to Apukhtin, who kissed his hand and said: "Go back, my dear fellow, I shall come to you soon…").

    The dispositions at School were not simple. Vladimir Taneyev (a brother of future known composer), who wrote the letters to Marx, studied together with Peter Iluich. Once the extraordinary event took place in School: one of students tempted his friend. The future Marxist demanded to expel the rape out of the School, however this requirement didn't excite the support of students of the School of Jurisprudence. To the point, if there is the question of Marx, it is possible to remember the prophetical letter of Engels to Marx: "The pederasts begin to unite and believe, that they constitute a force in the state, their victory is inevitable…" (June 22, 1869).

    During my last visit to St.Petersburg, where I have been with my Danish friend Niels and American friend Robin, we visited together the excellent gay discos "69" and "The sinners". I liked especially the last one, where there was the interesting gay show with dances, which reminded me the ballet of Mariinsky Company. The dancing gays-actors had the excellent figures and cocks and showed such striptease that I was in ecstasy both from dances and their pricks, which they tried to close skillfully by hands. It was similar to my impressions from a nude dancer with huge prick, whom I've seen in bar of Canadian city Vancouver. And all the time I waited, when they take away these hands and open their fantastic tools. And all these dancers were so different. Of course I liked especially one of them, who reminded me the black dancer from city New Orleans.

    Anytime I have a dream to go again in St.Petersburg to see this marvelous city, its cultural and gay places and our people.

    5. Sexual revolution at Kamchatka and Far East of Russia

    Due to my work I had very interesting trip at peninsula Kamchatka, where I tested my geothermal plants with jet pump, and in Central Asia, where I tested the solar plants for water lifting consisting of parabolic trough and jet pump. I worked with a man from my laboratory engineer Vladimir (Volodechka) Mukhin. The first trip to Pauzhetka was with small pumps and we had no problems to bring them there. The results were extremely positive and I designed the pumps for the maintenance under field conditions and they were made in our design bureau. Therefore in the second time we brought with us for Pauzhetka the extremely large pumps (about 5-6 m in length). We managed to bring them by large airplane from Moscow in city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. But they had to be taken to Pauzhetka located from the other side of peninsula. If Petropavlovsk is on shore of Pacific Ocean, the settlement Pauzhetka and corresponding geothermal power plant are located not so far from the Sea of Okhotsk. All movements are fulfilled at Kamchatka by air.

    The airplanes are not so large there, and it was necessary to make many efforts to approve the pilots to take our large and heavy weight (we had 4 such jet pumps). When the pumps were taken in saloon, they occupied all passing for passengers. Much depended on these passengers, but the local people were really kind and understanding. So we flew in a settlement Oktiabrsky, where the main drilling man with car waited for us. The way to Pauzhetka occupied about a couple of hours. The way from the seacoast went between mountains (the former volcanoes) covered by trees and shrubs.

    It was August, but not a June, when everything was still covered by snow and ice. In this time after short summer the foliage accepted already its autumn colors - green, yellow and brown of any tints. It was possible to imagine that some abstract artists painted all these hills. I've never before seen the beauties of nature as here. The nature in European and Asian parts of my country is quite different and only later in United States (I've seen something similar in Rocky Mountains). The particular features of Kamchatka plants consist of their huge unusual sizes connected with the action of volcanic ash. There are also many rivers, flows and lakes that makes these place especially clean and healing, because often the waters are mineralized.

    We were arranged in a room on the second floor of local two-storied hotel. Main drilling man helped us in everything and suggested to his wife reminded me the known actress and film star Fedoseyeva-Shukshina. She tried to follow us in our work everywhere and it was not empty interest. As I understood later on, the settlement Pauzhetka was in that time in the state of universal sexual revolution. Everybody tried to live, or to have sex with everybody. Volodechka and I were busy with the problems of installing our pumps and pipelines to them and were far from their real problems. A large help and support we received from the main power engineer of geothermal power plants, whose wife worked in a group of main drilling man.

    This lady as well as many other local specialists had many scars at her body and legs. It was a result of their falling in the flow of hot water after separators after wells: steam went to power plants, while the hot water formed the artificial rivers. The bridges over these "rivers" were so bad and not reliable and many people were easily (especially when they were drunk) in hot water. One master working with us had psoriasis as me and it made us the friends at once. He was also "boiled" in hot water and just he told me many details about sexual situation in settlement Pauzhetka, where 200 people lived. He had private problems in relations with a lady who was a seller in local grocery shore. Finally he was killed because of these affairs: somebody shooted him from gun after our leaving, but I knew it only some years later. I remembered the local cemetery at one of hill, and his story about local passions and horrors.

    Gradually we managed to install our pumps and two students undergoing practical training helped us to make the tests. One of them was very thin and tall and I was in correspondence with him for many years after it. The second one had a nice round face and quite tender and plump body. He was also tall and his behavior was so independent that I was afraid even to speak to him. It was so pleasant to swim with both of them nearby in the small lake, where the cold fresh water was mixed with hot water after separators. Therefore though it was cold outside, we swam nude and we examined carefully the pricks one of another. In the beginning I thought that it only seemed to me. But my observations were true.

    Once after successful tests we decided to drink the solved alcohol: I brought a few liters for "business". My companion Volodechka liked it and he became "disconnected quickly. I went to the room of two students and was so drunk too that I lied down on the bed of the second one, who seemed for me to be so touch-me-not person. Soon he came alone in room and sat on the bed near me. We began to talk about something, while his hand began to touch tenderly my prick, which became at once erected. I put my hands on his shoulder and he allowed putting him on me. We began to kiss one to another in such manner as if we waited for this moment all our life. Frankly I couldn't imagine that the kisses could be so deep, sexual and passionate, though I was rather experienced with many ladies and even men before it. I didn't know how long it could be continued, but another student came in and noticed at once everything.

    He was a little zealous ands asked his friend to sit near the table. Both of us waited the moment, when he would leave, while he felt it and didn't want to do it. I didn't know finally what relations existed between two these students. Of course, He left in some time, when I showed that I was slept. At once my "sugar boy' laid with me in 69 position, and we began our sucking of the pieces of hard candies, which had a temperature of boiling water. We finished simultaneously and both of us swallowed the cream of your partner. After it the second student came and I went to my room.

    At the next morning we had met to go at work. My partner had such appearance as if nothing took place and he kept such position up to our final parting. Before going for new tests we decided to make the photos of us. I have this picture of 4 happy men, and it is difficult to understand the reasons, why their faces are so brightened. After such events and generally I didn't have some affairs with the wife of main drilling man, though as I felt he himself wanted it.

    But just the another local specialist (main power engineer) attracted my attention. The positive reception of our result with pumps depended to a considerable degree just from his conclusion. He was very severe and principal, and I decided even to ask his wife to help us. Finally he gave a very positive conclusion. But after our leaving, as my friend-master wrote me (before his own death) he had "a novel" with young new male engineer. It was so that they didn't conceal their relations at all and lived together as the lovers. His wife was shocked and they had a divorce, though they had two practically adult children, and he asked me even to help them in Moscow. But I never more heard about him and his family or lover.

    As to me, the final at Pauzhetka was not so good for me. When the work was totally over, the workers, which helped us, decided to remark this event with much vodka (or solved alcohol). They asked me to clean from crude oil some details. I wanted to join them as quickly as possible and went to take the bucket of hot water for washing. The bucket was large and heavy and my left leg slipped down along the slippery clay in hot water. I threw away the bucket. But my lag was already in hot water just up to the knee. I jumped from water as scalded (I was indeed scalded). I cried and asked Volodechka to come to me quickly. He didn't understand what happened. When he approached I took off my sportive trousers. With them and underpants my skin was taken away. Volodechka asked me: "I didn't know that you carry kapron stockings as a lady".

    I didn't react on his humor. I knew that many local people after such events visited their medical first-aid station. I put the trousers and sportive shoes and run there. It was a long way for me (about 2 km), because the rubber of shoe sticked in my open meat, while the road was absolutely not smooth and every step became a torture for me. I was happy that the hospital nurse was at place and she aided me with oil at once. But I understood that it was very seriously; I collected all my things and went to settlement Oktyabrsky, where there was a local airfield. Because of bad weather the plane could not fly by a few weeks. I was in that time lucky, because it was a season of salmon fish and red caviar and the pilots flew here to take the cheap and a little crumpled cans for themselves.

    Therefore they took me with cans and my luggage in plane and brought in Yelizovo - the airdrome near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. I had many positive impressions and kindness from the local people working here. But this time I was crude and not polite. I demanded them to send me in Moscow. Of course the tickets and free places were absent and the plane was practically full and ready. Any way they manage to find in last moment a place for me. With my entire heavy luggage (I had also some cans with red caviar which was so useful in my time in Moscow hospital) I ran through the Yelizovo field. It was perfectly forbidden, because it was a military airdrome too. But the people understood me situation (after my story and aggressive demands). I don't remember how I came in plane, but as yesterday I felt the ache of my leg and the wish of lady in chair near me to help me. She was a doctor and her advises were so good for me.

    By regret there was no fuel supply and we couldn't fly by straightway in Moscow. We had a stop in Khabarovsk (a city of Maria Platonovna). I remember as I went in toilet where there were many nice gays. But I didn't see on them. The airport was filled with people waiting for their flight for a long time: there was no fuel. But they put fuel in out plane and after 8 hours of standing near the wall (the free chairs were absent and I couldn't explain to the people with small children that I had "advantage" before them) we flew finally in Moscow. I managed myself with things to reach Moscow by bus from Domodedovo airport and then to use the metro. Irina waited for me, because I called her from airport. But I stayed at home and the doctor in our Academician policlinic didn't want to open the bandage that the sister made me at Pauzhetka.

    My state was worse and worse and I came in policlinic, when my doctor was absent. Another surgeon-old lady opened my leg and sent me at once in the proper hospital. But anyway she made a remark about large size of my breasts: "They are abnormally huge". I didn't pay attention on any words: the skin burn was a really serious illness and I understood it especially good in the hospital where I was for three long months.

    I've read recently that there were the gay disco "Flight" and gay club "Mandarin" in Vladivostok, which is really in another end of Russian soil. The local people at Kamchatka called with a joke their place "the end of the world". In my mind this Vladivostok is also so far. But in spite of it there are the rules of their club proclaiming: all our members should address one to another with thee (not you) as well as to get out of making the scenes of jealousy. There is also the men's strip-tease with boys "a la shashlik of thin ribs".

    Even a city on Sakhalin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is provided with its own places for gay meeting - the cafe "Ariran" at the territory of city park and "Roost"- the benches at a platform of station "Komsomolskaya". I am sure that such places exist now at Kamchatka, at least in the their capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. However after my burn I've never been there again, and frankly I want to go there, because so many things including the beauties of Kurilskoye lake, the "golden roots" (used for mind and sexual support) from the heights of volcanic mountains, the fresh five-minute caviar, the endless fields of cowberries along the coast of Sea of Okhotsk and kind emancipated people of Kamchatka exist only there and nowhere else.

    6. Baltic countries are hospitable for gays too

    Now I want to remember the former Soviet Republics, which in our gay situation and development are not behind Russia. The Baltic States are located on other western side from Kamchatka. I visited them many times in former times, when everything was forbidden. Now the gay club "Slough (boloto)" is functioning in Riga, while the gay "X-bar - in Tallinn". The old Tallinn as a place for gays can be compared with Copenhagen - the same street, old houses and their roofs. Even before, when I was there and our places were officially absent, and the gay life in three Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania was quite intensive.

    My first good time at Yurmala was in the time, when I was a student and didn't imagine what I could find there for myself. Another time I was there with the excursion form me institute and lived in the central hotel. Then when I walked already purposefully along highway I found a toilet with many proper signatures. I visited this place a few times and understood that the gay activity had nonstop regime there.

    The next my visit was connected with the conference on two-phase flows in Riga. I informed there about my positive results received at Kamchatka. Of course I visited also the baths in free time. The main such "gay palace" was located in the central part of the city. The bath had a view of typical or standard Soviet place. The men department was at the second floor. But it was really clean and the perfectly other fluent or independent atmosphere.

    The gays occupied the corner of the large washing room and had practically their own territory. I noticed that the gays tried to do it everywhere independently of city or country, for example, at nudist beach in Dubrovnik. In Riga I noticed in this corner a nice robust young guy with an extremely huge beautiful cock. If to judge by the manner of his speaking with other visitors, the guy was Latvian. He felt my attention at once and both of us understood without explanation our nature. He left earlier (there were many visitors in this early hour) and was waiting for me near the entrance. But just in this moment I met some people from our conference that approached me at the street. The guy was frightened and disappeared at once by my deep disappointment.

    Another public bath was far from center and many Russian visitors were there. As I understood, the most part of them were mainly gays, and they tried not to conceal it. Such freedom was a little strange and wonderful for me in that time.

    The another trip to Riga seacoast was with family. They came there by train and I came a little later by car from Moscow. It was so nice to meet them at the street of the resort in Yurmala when they went from the beach and were nit ready to see me. I found a special gay place at beach in Mayori in the direction to Riga from Dzintari, where we lived and I could stayed my car.

    Of course I tried to run at our place in all-possible cases. The people were quite kind, open and affable there and I tried to be the same with all of them in this our community. One older man told me why I was so kind with some "Cocks" (birds). I didn't know yet that the gays, which were jailed and released, had such name. But I became more cautious after it. The man, who told me it, was a "beachwarden", or unofficial beach elder. And he was quite crude with me. But he became much softer and kinder with me after the event when I fucked him at so soft and gentle local sand.

    He began as a good friend to tell me the stories about Latvians, how they helped to communist and Lenin during revolution of 1917, were active in the secret service and behaved generally as "prostitutes". I liked this revelation, which was possible to hear probably only at the gay beach. Another time I laid on sand near the strong muscular and sunburned Latvian. He was sleeping (or pretended that he made it). It allowed me to swallow softly his sweet and extremely beautiful prick and sucked it for a quite long time up to a fantastic ejaculation, during which he opened slightly and closed again his eyes. The gays told me much about other places in Riga and the beach on a coast from other side from Riga. Of course my situation and the practical absence of free time didn't allowed me to do it. But in the times of visiting Riga with my family I examined with interest the places, streets, bars, cafe and toilets, about the Mayori gays told me as about "ours". I've heard also many negative things about the gay problems, how they betrayed one to another or stole money and things from their "sexual friend". But it was as everywhere. And finally Riga and especially its central part appeared me as a real Paradise with their hospital streets, different gay places and Dome.

    From my visits to Vilnius I remember the days of the excursion with a group of my institute, when Irina was with us. I was free only in late evening time. During the day sight seeing I noticed some toilets on the central street. As ever my intuition didn't disappoint me. In one such place I met a very intelligent and not so high Lithuanian man, who suggested me to visit his home or, better to say, room. It was quite near the central street and I liked his manner of speaking with scarcely distinguished accent. He asked me to stay for total night in his simple room. I explained that my group waited me in the hotel. He understood everything but he made everything not in hurry and finally his behavior was "not simple" but quite intelligent and different.

    He suggested first of all taking off all our cloth and we laid on his quite narrow bed, which indeed seemed to be very good for both of us. This tender and very manly guy with large and hard as a stone prick showed me the real Western style of relations with kisses and slow penetration transferring in the furious stormy process of two men acting in love as the only soldered organism. The kisses and movements of his prick inside my anus with my body turned as a bracket and opening the full access to this hole made the feeling of full ecstasy and satisfaction of both of us finishing simultaneously with his inside trembling ejaculation and my sprinkling of own stomach. It was really an extraordinary long and tremendous fucking. When I came back in the hotel, I had the same feeling as in Uzhgorod: "Why did I stop it? Why didn't I want to continue the pleasure?" But as we say: "There is no way backwards".

    After serious yellow jaundice (Botkin illness) I went a few times in the Lithuanian resort Drauskininkai with a special mineral water. If during my first visit there I was really weak and had no any gay attractions and thoughts, the situation was changed in my second trip there. The nice nature with pine trees and many savage strawberries and blueberries, beautiful river Neman with cozy slope banks and bridges made this place so convenient for love under open sky and especially for gays. I met there a man who had many problems in his family because of his gay nature and behavior. But such problem didn't entirely depend on your nationality. In all other things we found quickly the mutual understanding. The man was perfectly passive and we used favorably the shrubs both on the banks of Neman and in forest. Anytime he began to tell me the long story about the problems and relations in his Lithuanian family. But he fully forgot about them during our long and so pleasant actions and studies of our inside sexual possibilities (or abilities).

    I liked to ride there by bicycle, which was easily rented in City Park. I examined many ways in forest, near the narrow stream with artificial dam and healthful massaging waterfall. Once on the central road a car blocked my way and I was ready to call names of people inside. But I found there my institute friends Regina, Semen and their sun Ilija who received the high physical education as a coach on rowing. We were so happy to see one to another, because in institute years I was in love with Regina. They showed me their tent and we began to conduct a time together. I stopped therefore to listen the stories of my Lithuanian friend for some time (to stop it at all was above my strengths and desires). With my institute friend we examined practically the same places where I was with this gay, only our occupations were different: we collected the wild berries and played with Ilyja in volleyball. This case became an initiation of our constant meeting with my friends in Moscow until they immigrated forever in Israel. But the time in Pribaltics with them and my meetings with local gays are kept forever in my memory.

    7 Central Asian trips and impressions

    Belarus is the nearest to Baltic countries, and my family and I felt it well, when we returned home from Riga through Minsk, Gomel, Ukrainian Chernigov and Shostka, where we visited the family of my good friend Volodya and his family. Volodya and I were acquainted at the beach in Kiev. After that we visited them in Shostka once more, when we went to Czechoslovakia and Germany by car, and found in addition to the elder son of Volodya and his wife Natasha the appearance of their twins Sasha and Misha. We were kindly welcomed in Volodya's house by all his family and mother of Natasha. Each time I thought, why Volodya was not a gay, but the straight people could be also good, and it is another story with another idea.

    But if to speak again about the brotherly Belarus (I had written already about this country, my gay impressions of Minsk and my experience there), recently I've read that a bus station in Minsk, which was so widely used by gays, had nicknamed as "Small mine", while the Polish gay tourists called it as the "Polish gentlemen". The strange song exists there with some implication: "We didn't smoke near the toilet of Minsk and anyway we were finally here fixed…" I wrote already about my Minsk impressions and want only to add or repeat that the gays are here very progressive and advanced in many areas. I mentioned, for example, about their gay Lambda parade and events that took place recently in spite of their dictatorial leader.

    Now I want to concentrate on my excellent trips to Central Asia and mainly on my business trips to Uzbekistan. If at Kamachatka I implemented my jet pumps for geothermal application, in Central Asia I made the same for using solar energy. My first trips were in Bukhara, where I was with the same my good working partner Volodechka. The Uzbeck specialist Buran Mumilov wanted to protect his doctor dissertation in Moscow and I helped him. In turn he helped us in Bukhara with implementation of my solar water lifting plants.

    Buran allowed us to live in the house of his laboratory (he worked in Bukhara University) near the place for erection of our solar plant. That made us independent and made me to suffer because of not realized desires. First of all, Volodechka as ever was very "careful" with me and didn't allow me to stay alone. "And if you are not luck sometimes, then it is impossible to wait for luck in such periods" (the idea of proverb).

    Everywhere in city - near the walls of fortress, in their churches (Medreses), in university, at work and the celebrations we met so many nice and beautiful boys. Those, which worked and helped us, told me that they were sleeping separately from women in houses and all men together. It was necessary only to look at these boys, and it would be clear, what such boys could do in their nighttime together. " Are the boys sleeping with boys?" - asked I myself and wondered, why I was not with them. My dreams overwhelmed me with the desires, because we slept practically under open sky with billion twinkling stars, while the boys were in the nearest and far from us houses. I looked at these calling stars on sky and dreamt only about one guy for myself.

    In Central Asia it is their custom to celebrate or to organize "a marriage party" (they called it in such way) on the case of boy's maturity. Volodechka and I were invited at some of them organized for the boys, which were the sons or relatives of the people, with whom we worked. It was great to see a few hundred people invited at such event. Of course, everything depended on your financial possibilities. Anyway everybody wanted to show that it was acceptable for him. We were there in the end of autumn, and the tables were full of excellent Central Asian fruits and other food, which I liked at once after my visits in Uzbekistan.

    Of course at the mentioned event both women and men participated. The special ladies-dancers showed their exotic movements with typical Central Asian twisting of head and shoulder. But the total dances were mainly only for men. The first time in life I've seen the dances of boys with boys, guys with guys, men with men and I was happy to join them. Only a few years later I've seen the same unification of gays in dances on our different discos over the entire world. East is distinguished by a special love to men. And the corresponding feelings and a special bothering care of Volodechka made me to visit their public baths.

    To see the perfectly new for me bodies, cocks and other mail parts (the asses, especially) gave me the new feelings and excitement. I noticed one extraordinary beautiful local man with very huge Dick and blue eyes. "It is so strange that Uzbecks can have the blue eyes" - thought I and couldn't take my eyes from his so tremendous organ. He felt it and was a little embarrassed. I explained him that I was from Russia and couldn't imagine in Moscow that the Uzbecks could have "the blue eyes". He told me that he was Jewish and invited me to visit his home. I promised to come with my friend Volodechka.

    We came to their house. His wife and his entire house were so hospital for us. They were so surprised to know that my father was also Jew and that I worked with some Americans from Chicago, which went from exhibition in Moscow specially to see in Bukhara the oldest in the USSR synagogue staying me to represent their company. Therefore our time in the house of Bokharan Jews was so saturated of interesting impressions, and many other Jews came there for acquainting and meeting with us - the quests from Moscow.

    At the next day they showed us their old synagogue, which seemed to me the usual building with very comfortable as at home atmosphere and spirit. By regret I knew some years later that the most part of these Jews immigrated in Israel. And probably it is better for them to be there, though I liked their life, character and so hospital synagogue. In Bukhara I found many friends of different nationalities and the support of Buran was important. His boys and student helped us with food, green tea and good spirit of men's unity. Volodechka and I managed to build, adjust and test the first solar water lifting plant and the corresponding article was published after all in magazine "Solar Energy" published in Tashkent.

    Together with Volodechka I visited another local Ancient City Samarkand. When we came there by bus from Bukhara one man met us. He was from militia or secret service. I think that he had a duty to follow us. Finally he seemed to be a kind man and helped us quite well to see the city, its Ulugbeck observatory, the palaces of Temur and his wife and the very old cemeteries. I can't forget the words of this militiaman: "You in Moscow and Russia asked us to collect and to send you our cotton, and we do it. But we ask you not to change or to spoil our style of life and you do it". He was right: they managed in many respects to keep their style of life, relationships between women and men and their religion and ceremonies. But the really gay impressions met me in other places of Uzbekistan and first of all in quite new by age city Fergana.

    After Bukhara we had a few good business trips to Fergana and some other places located near it in the beautiful Ferghana Valley including Kokand and Osh. In Fergana and Kokand I visited the Turkish baths. Of course we fulfilled in Fergana much works connected with erection and testing of solar water-lifting plant. We mounted there the large parabolic trough, in compare with which my jet pump was as a toy. The work demanded a few business visits to Fergana. I was glad to it, because with every trip I liked the local climate, nature, food, people and their customs more and more.

    The first trip was with Volodechka. I liked the sun everywhere (due to my psoriasis, which disappeared at Sun) and even on streets of Fergana I tried to be at the sunshine side of them. Volodechka was astonished, especially because all our work with solar plant was on the territory of local polytechnic institute under open sky, i.e. with constant sunshine. Once in evening we walked with Volodechka along one main street and had seen a man lying on the bench near local militia office. Volodechka said that it was the last thing to die in such place, where the militia could only promote to your death especially if you were drunk.

    His words became prophetic. In Moscow he remarked some birthday with another our colleagues and was strongly drunk. The militia took him at the street and conducted in their district militia department. Volodechka had there the heart attack, but they didn't pay attention to it. When they understood, it was very late and when they called the first aid and the car with doctor came, he was already dead. Therefore all further trips were conducted with Ivan, who was my assistant in many my works in institute and who was also my reliable friend. But only recently I understood and knew that he was also gay. Finally it is not important. At least Ivan didn't try to follow me all the time as Volodechka made it.

    Our working place was in a center of Fergana and we had the good possibilities to visit market, park, the wide streets with large trees and irrigating ditches, cinemas, cafes and other places. As to me I liked to visit after work the local Turkish bath. We visited also, as I said, some urban regions in Ferghana Valley, their mountains and the houses of local people, where we had a so good possibility to know their style of life, which was in many aspects different from the life in our Russia and Moscow.

    Now I want to describe their Turkish baths, which I visited in Fergana,

    Kokand and then in Tashkent. Such a bath consists of a few consequent (mainly,

    seven) halls that should follow one to another often in circular house. In the first of

    halls you should close your prick by towel. You may open it only in the last halls,

    where the temperature is high (it is increased from one hall to another due to the

    special system of heating). In the last hall the Uzbeck visitors tried to shave the hair

    around their cock and on balls. When they did it and open their truck, they felt

    themselves as the kings and wanted to fuck everybody, who was nearby. It was a little

    strange for me that in this last hall they didn't feel any restrictions in realizing their

    desires and behavior, and all events with sucking and fucking were practically open

    for another visitors, which perceive it as the natural things. I met the same things in

    other public bath of Fergana and in the Turkish bath of Kokand.

    The baths were visited at any working time, and even in the daytime (not only in evenings) they were filled of people. One Uzbeck from bath suggested to have a meeting in other place, and I invited him to my room in the hotel. That time we were in separate rooms with Ivan and I was alone. On the way to hotel the man told me his own story of life and informed me that in spite of family life and sexual relations with woman (as practically everybody there he was married and had some children) he as well as many other local people liked to be with men. In my room we took off at once all our cloth and I liked not only his narrow handsome face covered by black curly hairs but also the same hairs on all his body especially above his long and narrow prick.

    We lied on the bed, but the noise was very loud, because the bed was old and terrible, while the lady and engineer Olga, which worked in my solar group, could be behind a wall in the neighboring room and hear the noise, our moans and cries during our actions. Therefore we changed our position and put the bed things on the floor in the same way as Dima made it in his Leningrad dormitory. The nice Uzbeck man with so slim figure and good cock was entirely passive in sex. He pick up his legs and twisted or approached them to his shoulders, while I was over his, could kiss him (both of us liked it, as we at once understood) and simultaneously I directed slowly my prick to his so tiny anus. Finally I penetrated there in full and began the regular movements. Gradually my strokes became strong and intensive, while he tried to move in unison that only increased our excitement and pleasure. And we began really to create such sounds born in our deep nature, which were a part of all this majestic copulation and blending. We couldn't and didn't want to stop as we could only do it, but everything had the finish, and during our simultaneous ejaculation both our bodies trembled as if we were under the high dangerous voltage. We gradually put our cloth and I conducted him in city.

    Another guy, who was a student and whom I met in other bath during another trip, also visited me in the hotel (another hotel for foreigners, who were the huge black people from African country Benin). In that time I liked to make my morning exercises and jogging at the local stadium on the good rubber coating of running track. But of course we had with this boy another exercises and actions, and they were approximately the same, which I had just described (with using the known officer's pose). When we parted near stadium after all that was fulfilled by full program, he asked me to give him some souvenirs. In my turn I asked him what he meant, and he said that he was glad to have some shirt or another dress. I returned to the hotel room and brought it to him.

    I want to underline that all men in baths (there I was mainly with the adult people) were very polite, friendly and independent. It was so funny for me to see some of them after it in their national dye-ornamental Uzbeck costume. In the sex with me they were perfectly the same as any other European people. I didn't find many differences in sex between Asia and Europe. Of course for me it was important to know it. And it was so interesting and pleasant.

    In Kokand the rules in Turkish bath were especially strict. It was impossible to be without towel around your thighs in the first 5 hall. Only in the sixth hall you could take it away. But as ever the last halls were with fucking and sucking. Again I couldn't imagine that the people in their national costumes and sitting for a long time in their national open tearooms (chaikhanas) made it in the manner, which I have seen then in the western saunas. Here they liked also to shave the hairs around their prick and from balls. But the cruising in halls was perfectly the same as I've seen later, for example, in the Danish sauna "Amigo" or in Belgium gay sauna in Brussels.

    I've met there in Brussels the man from Algeria or Tunisia, who was a taxi driver. He reminded me my Uzbeck guys and I was crazy from him. And we in Brussels repeated together all the actions that took place in Fergana, only I was passive in that time. I repeat that I've first seen the cruising in gay baths or sauna in the Central Asia and therefore these reminiscences are so important for me. One man, whom I met in Kokand bath, so liked our exersises and actions (we made them in the special hollow space of second hall) that he came a few times in my Fergana hotel for repeating them. It was funny that his wife waited him downstairs in their car in the time, when he carried out the so "important business negotiations".

    The actions in Central Asian baths took place at any time, when I came there (from the opening in morning till the end or closing in evening) and I had the impression that the local people were so clever to live only for themselves and for their own pleasure. Probably the local hot climate promoted to it. Before my Tashkent events I want to remember some things that took place in Fergana.

    In one of trips my scientific supervisor Ivan Timofeyevich (another Ivan) came with us there. We had then some problems with not sufficient solar radiation. He wanted to show the importance of his presence and tried to give me the different advises. But just in that time the work had no success (it is impossible to effect on Sun). Therefore I was not polite, and when he gave me some his "valuable" advises, which were not by time or by place, I interrupted him and asked to keep silence and distance. He didn't even understand me, because I was always so soft and polite. He became angry and terrible. I was lucky that I had there a friend - the Uzbeck guy, whom I met in the group, which visited Bulgaria and where we were together. He was an important man in their regional administration and just in this evening he invited my supervisor and me in the restaurant. The invitation and the evening itself removed all tensions.

    Just as yesterday I remember this square court with small trees and many flowers, where the restaurant was located. All the rooms had the doors and windows looking out on the court. We were in a separate room, and a few waiters brought us the different kinds of local food and drinking. Of course all three of us were very satisfied with the "khan" food and service. Ivan Timofeyevich felt again as a very important man and forgot about my words. The reception was really extremely good and became in a way the compensation for my bad day behavior. By regret we received the good operation of our installation only after his departure of my supervisor. As we say in Russia: "The butterbrod (sandwich) is always falling on the side of butter".

    I was a few times in Tashkent, which was a capital of Uzbekistan. My first visit there was when I was an interpreter at solar international conference and conducted the group of foreign participants. After the first visit all participants had the trip in Fergana and I was proud to show them my solar plant. In Tashkent I was very busy but nevertheless I managed to visit two baths, but really I knew all details there during my next visits in this city, when I managed to visit the baths many times.

    The best Turkish bath that I've seen is located in Tashkent on the hill in the nice special round building near new the hotel. I met in bath many quite different guys and everything was so open there as in Bulgaria. One tall very handsome guy liked me very much (as I liked him), and we were in correspondence after it for a long time. By regret he couldn't come in Moscow. Some other guy from this baths was in Moscow and I helped them to find a room for the temporarily living in Moscow. This bath was located not so far from the huge Tashkent Central Asian market. It is another market in all if to compare it with my favorite market in Fergana. Anyway I liked every time after bath to walk along the paths of this market, which reminded me the whole city.

    I visited also another gay baths in Tashkent where there were the shower cabins with holes in wall. In particular the men liked to see through the hole in the women department of bath. In cabins I noticed the Uzbeck guy with a long narrow cock. He was extremely beautiful. But his behavior was terrible: he was as a whore, though he was kind and attentive with me. I began to understand then that it is necessary to be very careful. In this bath I didn't find a friend at all. Of course the behavior of gays in Tashkent and in Fergana were different in the similar way as their behavior is differed in Moscow and in small Russian cities.

    I remember my visits of Russian bathes in two cities Angarsk and Kasimov, which are located so far one to another. In both cases I traveled with the groups of my institute. The trip to Baikal Lake was begun since visiting the old and beautiful Russian City Irkutsk. Some street there reminded me my old Arbat. Irkutsk was on the way in China and Japan and many rich merchants built here their houses. There is an old Roman Catholic Church in city, because many Polish people were deported here in 19th century after known Polish uprising and their suppressions. Before it many Decembrists were sent here after the events at Senate Square in St.Petersburg. Some their wives followed them and it was interesting to know all these facts in the local museum.

    When we went to Baikal, we visited on the way the wooden Old Russian village that was collected from the houses in surrounding and disappearing villages. This museum under open sky was really interesting, because to know how Russian people lived in such far region was really interesting. Then I visited in USA the similar museum of first migrants near American City Vancouver (near city Portland in State Oregon). I was so satisfied when I found many similar things of daily life in there quite different places. Baikal is a unique place with so clean water. We felt it, because we were in the time, when it was possible to swim. Of course I used this chance. The lake is surrounded by high hills or mountains covered by forest. To describe the beauty of this place practically impossible: it should be necessary to see it.

    We returned from Baikal by ship through Angara - the only river flowing out of lake. The construction of a dam of hydro power plant increased the level of water in the lake only by a few mm, but it greatly changed the structure and ecologicall equilibrium of Baikal: the people should be very careful with nature. The construction of wood pulp and paper mill on a shore of lake created also a danger to the local environment. We were lucky not to see at the lake's shore something bad and dangerous. Vice versa we had seen in the small lakes near Irkutsk many savage birds, which used these lakes during their migration.

    But we lived not in Inrkutsk: our hotel was in Angarsk - the city in a few tens kilometers from Irkutsk. Though it was a city of chemists and chemical enterprises, the city is very green, surrounded by forests and lakes, where we swamp too. But I visited there as well the local bath. I've never seen so many people with the excellent, huge and extremely beautiful pricks as these Siberians had. One young boy had the extra cock: huge, thick, very long and straight. The people didn't feel awkward to have there the erected prick and even were proud of it. This boy spoke to me in such position without any feeling of tightness. I didn't know he was gay or not gay but he suggested me to spend time after the bath. By regret I couldn't do it because our bus should take us in airport. Up to now I regret about not realized chance. The boy was so kind and nice that I've never seen such guys in my Moscow.

    Another travel was in Meshchera, the region in the southeast direction from Moscow described by known Russian poet Serge Esenin. There we lived and were for the most part of time in the old city Kasimov. The city is located on seven hills and has many Old Russian churches and a mosque. There was here before the Tatar's state, which decided to be separated from Tatar's Kazan and wanted to be in peace with Russia. Many corresponding old books about it were in the local museum. But I liked much more the local bath. In this cozy place I found many young people with the figures of good body-builders. But they were much thinner and slimmer and all of them had the large and extremely proportional cocks. The guys were very kind, with pleasure answered my questions and wanted to continue talking. I think that everyone could agree to go with me in my hotel but I was not alone there: the rooms were for four men. I kept forever my good impression of these nice men and it is my long-year dream to visit this city and their bath once more. The baths in Angarsk and Kasimov and the people there are quite different from what we have in Moscow.

    дерёвня!For finishing this section I want to say that the gay civilization went rolling to Kazakhstan. I can't forget my relations with the Kazakh boy in Moscow. I've read that now the gay clubs "Spartacus" and "Rainbow" are very popular in Alma-Ata - their former capital. This "Spartacus" has even a room for clearing up your lyric relations - "Heel (Kabluke)", where there is only one chair (?). Try in such conditions to " keep yourselves together!" To the point, all ascertaining of relations are made (as everywhere in above mentioned places) in Russian language, however I found during my visit to the Kazach city near the border with Uzbekistan and in Tashkent (where I was with a group of foreigners and was accepted by local gays as a foreigner), that many these gays could speak English at least for making the details of relations more accurate.

    8. Crimean impressions, meetings at exhibition and Caucasian adventures

    The trip in Crimea, about which I want to remember, took place still in the time of my studying at the railway college, i.e. about 6 years before my meeting with former actor of musical comedy theater near monument to the first Russian printer Ivan Fjodorov and the beginning my real gay life.

    I was in Crimea in a rest house "Primorsky" between Feodosiya and Sudak. It was the place with a very nice nature and marvelous conditions for underwater swimming, which I liked very much. To see the bizarre fishes and plants with unusual colors afforded me a great pleasure. In the room of rest house, where I lived there was up to 10 beds and only for men.

    I remembered especially a quite youthful muzhik from Stalin's guards. Each night he told us the stories about his previous and present (in this rest house) novels with women. I was very flabbergasted by the size of his cock, which I hadn't seen before: this solidly built and not high man (about 170 cm) had a cock within 32-35 cm and even his quiet prick exceeded 25 cm. I've seen it in a state of erection in morning in public shower, where he didn't stop to speak about his own adventures exciting him. His bright stories made the erection of all other guys listening to him, and I've first seen that the people could even not be afraid of it. It was some general erection concerning the author of stories with his huge and simply monstrous cock. It was strange for me that this cock was quite proportional and good-looking and embodies the masculine strength and dignity.

    At the beach I was very slim in swimming trunks and also had the elaborated attention of young women. One of them Lyalia which rested there with mother without paid place (such people were called as "savages") was especially attentive to me. She simply pursued me trying to meet me in all conceivable and inconceivable places. I liked her too as she had a bright striking beauty of cinema star (diva). Anyway I preferred to carry out my time in a man's society. I aquatinted with one local fellow of my own age, and I was for the most part of time with this simple low chap.

    Once he told me that the boys were used the wooden toilet on the hill that was in about two kilometers from our rest house for fucking. I didn't understand what he meant but I showed my interest and asked him to take me there. We went there and entered in the men's part of toilet. He said that the boys could come here anytime and just now they were absent. I was very excited and erected from the actions, which took place here without me. My companion was in the same situation. Without any words we began to masturbate one to another by hands.

    Only now we noticed the hole in the wall separated our part from the women one. Somebody from there observed us very attentively. Both of us as boiled left quickly the cabin. Two ladies from neighboring cabin followed us. We stopped as dead in our tracks, because they were two ladies from the rest house - a German and a Polish ones. We began to talk incoherently and I understood that two these ladies, which were at least by 10 years older that us, wanted eagerly to be fucked and were ready for it just now. They invited us separately to come in two cabin with each of them (their desire was frightful or crazy). In addition to great desire our erected cocks and mutual masturbation bewitched them. However both of us managed to withdraw and by some foolish reason that somebody was waiting for us we began to go away in the beginning and then ran from this place.

    Nevertheless the ladies had after it the certain interest to us, but we found any means and reasons to avoid the direct contacts with them. As we knew later on, the ladies found soon the men wanted to quench their "hunger", and they used often for it that dirty toilet. My local friend informed me that one "pederast" was being in the neighboring rest house. I was interested by this fact, because before it I've never seen such a man, and it seemed to me that such people would have something special and terrible in their appearance.

    We have seen this chap in evening near a dancing place. He became acquainted with me with great pleasure, because my local friend knew him, while the " pederast" himself was the usual intelligent and quite educated man. He said that he was not so interested in dances (I admired to dance) and wanted to leave this place. I should find some reason to follow him (or to follow him without any reason), but I said that I preferred dances with the girls and there was such good choice of them.

    "They are not interested me", - told my new acquainted guy openly and with full confidence and went quickly away staying me alone with local friend. I didn't want even to dance after it and had the only desire to see him once more. It was strange but he had the same. I was looking for him, while he do the same for me, and we often encountered at the different paths of park (the park was everywhere in this place). I greeted him kindly, and as if I lost my head I passed by my "pederast" and probably fate, for which I aimed.

    But just in that time Lyalia appeared seriously on my way. She began practically to force me to run around with her. The conversations about our "novel" spread around all our rest house. Probably they reached to the pale, slim and not high "pederast" constantly staying in my eyes wherever I was. Suddenly he disappeared at all; I began to look for him but without any result. As to Lyalia, she took me in her hands. We began to visit with her the far beach, where we laid in shadow and kissed passionately. She didn't want to swim and was afraid to burn or spoil her white skin. Usually we laid together keeping in kiss our lips. We made nothing more, and I didn't want it, because as soon as I closed my eyes, I imagined my "pederast" kissing with me instead of Lyalia.

    As I knew later on, practically all our rest house including Stalin's guard climbed onto mountains above the place of our kisses and waited for the further events. I was glad that we dissatisfied then absolutely.

    I met Lyalia a few other times and for some years in Moscow and she came even at the foreign exhibition, where I met my painter (see below) and worked as an interpreter, and complained to my English people that I was not faithful and honest lover. However she found then somebody and disappeared from my life. It was true that due to her beauty many men pestered her at street even when I was nearby.

    Once at the same exhibition I met the known actress Faina Ranyevskaya. But before my remembering about it, I shall describe, what took place before the opening of exhibition. I came at the exhibition in two days before the official opening, because it had to translate for a few companies at once (with different products and topics), and it was better to be acquainted with vocabulary beforehand. , as the organizers of exhibition recommended me. The mounting of stands had not be yet over, and just at the place of my future work some high young man finished to write some letters (in the names of companies and products).

    "How to write these fucking letters?" - asked he in English about Russian letters Н (N) and И (I). It was really difficult to feel at once the difference between them, and the mistakes were really possible.

    "They are the normal Russian letters", - answered I in English.

    "How can you know it?"

    "Because I am Russian and living here", said I.

    He looked at me attentively with a kind of assessing glance.

    "Would you like in evening going to ballet with me in Bolshoi Theater? My friend is ill and I have one extra ticket", - suggested he.

    "With pleasure, today I am totally free, because I planned this time for preparing to the exhibition. A shall associate and speak to you in English, and it will be the best preparation for me" - answered I.

    "Then, please, wait for me, I should finish these signatures and you will help me in it. Then we will come to my hotel, where I change my suit and take tickets. You have the normal cloth and you shouldn't change it".

    He was true, because I was in my formal suit, I said that I should wait for him near hotel. He was finishing his work, while in the short free moments I walked along the pavilion. Near our place some English bank organized their exposition. About 5 important English men from bank were sitting around the table and drank the coffee. They noticed that I am alone and not busy, they invited me to join them. I asked my painter about possibility to leave at 5-6 minutes and went to drink coffee with so reputable and not so young bankers (I was then about 20, they were about twice older).

    They also thought that I was an English gentleman from neighboring stand. We drank a coffee and they continued the discussion of new English legislation on homosexuality allowing the homosexual not to be prosecuted. I was astonished not only by the new law itself, but the fact that so well established respectable and probably married men perceived this news with such satisfaction, interest and gladness. "Is it important for them and how do they want to use it with profit for themselves?" - thought I.

    I asked then my new acquainted painter, why it was of interest for them.

    "It is so, because all of them are such people - so many our people are working in banks", - answered he.

    "Why do they "our"?" - asked I. He even choked on it and changed the talking on another theme.

    Soon we left the exhibition and went to his hotel. When we approached to it, he suggested to come in his room and not to wait for him at street, because the weather was not so good and it began to drizzle.

    "But they will demand my documents, while I don't want somebody to know that I was here with you", - answered I.

    "But nobody will ask about them", - said he.

    However in reality the desk clerk asked him, when he took the key, who was with him. He answered that I was a specialist from the exhibition (and he was true), living in other place and it was necessary for us to drink something and to take tickets in theater. We picked up till his floor - he lived at one of the last floors of the multistoried hotel "Leningradskaya". When we came in his hotel room, I went at once to the window looking first in my life from such height at my favorite Moscow.

    He closed the door by key and sat on the bed waiting me to join him. But I bewitched and stayed near the open window. Then he began to get undressed and took off all his cloth. He should really to change his suit, i.e. only outer clothing. His wondering white "English" body practically without hairs, his quite large cock and extremely slim long legs simply bewitch me and switched on them all my attention.

    I asked him: "Are you not afraid that my behavior could be very bad?"

    "There is no any "bad" behavior, if the people do what they want and it doesn't contradict to their nature".

    We approached one to another and began to kiss violently and passionately. He began to take off or simply pull off all my cloth. I only reminded him that I should work tomorrow in the same costume.

    "To hell with everything!" - said he trying as soon as possible to made all my body free for himself. And really I felt suddenly that I belonged to him entirely in this moment.

    "How beautiful you are" - said he, probably taking into account my prick increased up to the infinity.

    We fallen to the wide double bed, from which he managed to remove the bedspread, and began simply to roll on it in the different directions. Gradually we adopted the position 69 so convenient for both of us, when his large prick was fully submerged in my mouth deeply penetrating in my throat, while my prick also passed through all his mouth in the depth of larynx. I didn't know how long we were in this state of absolute mutual bliss.

    I released his idyllic cock from the mouth and asked about possible usage of his ass hole. "Of course you may do it", - answered he and laid on the back highly lifting up his beautiful and long legs. I laid above, first of all approaching my lips to his face, mouth and tongue. My tongue penetrated deeply in his mouth and moved there actively. My cock found itself his tight anus and penetrated under pressure at once in his marvelous body. So we were melted in two places totally, while our connected bodies represented even without it something single, indestructible and unseparable.

    My strokes were directed onto his ass and the amplitude of my prick was increased more and more.

    He said: "Please, no more, no more...", and I decelerated the movements.

    Them he cried: "More, more, more..."

    I accelerated the cock strokes and it followed: 'No more" and after it "More, more, more, more..."

    I ejaculated nestling close and hardly to his ass, while my prick penetrated fully in the hole. I had the great desire to make also his full ejaculation. I took again his so large and sweat prick in my mouth and began to move to and fro. He stopped to speak something - he moaned, bellowed and groaned. In the same time I touched softly his excellent legs and calves, squeezed by fingers his nipples. And finally as milk from cow, the flow of sperm ejaculated in my mouth with such energy that I simply gasped for breath in some moments. This stormy flow was indeed very pleasant and came inside so deeply that I swallowed it fully as if I was ready for a long time for it. I couldn't even free his prick from my mouth or probably I didn't want it, while this enormous limb continued to stay tightly in mouth still in erected state.

    I don't know how long we laid in such state but gradually the consciousness returned to both of us. We sat not let out one from other bowing the head to the shoulder of your partner and pinning by bodies. And not only our hands but also our legs winded around and connected these bodies in the single being. The feeling of absolute unity became for me the aim, to which I was seeking always in my life. Soon we understood that it was just time to go in theater. But my lover was not in hurry. He approached to the window and stood on the sill.

    "You are more than excellent, but are you not afraid that somebody can see you from below?" - asked I.

    "I don't give a damn about it, because I am happy and I want the world to know it", so was his right answer. We got dressed and went down, where he went to exchange his pounds to rubles. On the way he told me that he had in London the black boy friend, which lived before with Rudolf Nuriyev. It was the first case, when I "met" indirectly the so known dancer and gay. Then I met as well another former Nuriyev's lover from Leningrad, and only God knew how many of them he had.

    We managed with my sexual painter and friend to reach the theater in some minutes before the performance. I showed him the meeting place in the garden with a fountain near Bolshoi and he sat on the sidewalk around the garden. It was a little strange for me as he had the white trousers and the dirty of our pavements couldn't be compared with their clean surface in England and other west-European countries. Of course the main reason for it is our climate.

    The ballet "Giselle" by Adan was performed in that evening. Raise Struchkova who changed the ill and well-known Galena Ulanova danced the main role. In spite of it the ballet was danced with the enthusiasm corresponding to the flight of our fantasy and actions in a hotel room, where the stage was a bed. In the interval we met near toilet in the lobby my friend and sexual partner Victor who was a ballet master, was of low height and with a simple Russian face. By the way his cock was of so huge size. Both my lovers liked at once one to another. Thank goodness that it was a time to come back in the hall. But Victor waited for us after performance. I told him that tomorrow I should work hardly and my English friend would leave Moscow by air early in the morning.

    By regret I've never more seen my English painter. Surely he wrote me at once a letter, but I had received it only after a half of year, because there were in the letter such words: "I remember our honey days in Moscow and beg for their repetition". I think that these words wondered somebody at post etc. But it was so that one common day seemed to both of us as a money month.

    One Russian lady who lived in London and worked at the same exhibition in Moscow as interpreter answered to my question about level of Nuriyev's dancing in London in such way: "How can you ask about this monster and dregs of society, which spoilt the life and career to our dear dancing star Margo Fontain".

    As I knew later, the time of dancing with Nuriyev was the happiest and most fruitful for M.Fontain in all her carrier. And she was for him a lady being much older than he (some analogy with my life) was.

    Now I come back to Faina Grigorievna Ranevskaya, about whom I had already mentioned above. The Prime Minister of England Harold Wilson came in Moscow for opening of the same exhibition. There was also their orchestra in the national costumes and with bagpipes near pavilion of exhibition. I sat at the bench not so far from the opening ceremony. It took place at once the next day after our excellent and inimitable time with painter and the visit of ballet. The lady getting on in years, which nice man conducted, asked me to permit them to sit nearby. I recognized at once the voice of our excellent actress Ranevskaya. She was so popular due to her comedy role in many films. The man with her was also actor of the same Mossoviet theater Oleg Anofriyev. Before he played in my favorite Central Children (now - Youth) theater and now he was known due to singing many popular songs, the author of many of which he was himself.

    "What are doing here?" - asked me Faina Grigorievna.

    "I am working here as interpreter", - answered I and we made the acquaintance.

    "I recognize you at once", - said I.

    "Everybody recognizes me, - said Faina Grigorievna and continued, - could you take a pack of cigarettes for me?"

    "When the boys asked to get some souvenirs for them, it is possible to understand, but when so known actress asked about cigarettes, it is too much", - thought I.

    In the same time I went without question to fulfill her wish.

    "Who needs in cigarettes? We know that you are not smoking", -told me my English people from a stand. I repeated this question to both of actors. Fauna Grigorievna answered: "Today there is the premiere of a play "Strange Mrs. Savage", where I am playing the main role. In the course of play she is smoking and I want to have the real foreign cigarettes". I repeat her request to my foreigners and they gave a large block of cigarettes. They asked to transfer their request: they wanted to see this premier. Faina Grigirievna promised to provide them with seats.

    But when we (one lady and 6 men) came to administrator of theater in evening, we understood that she forget to do something. I began to ask about the help: they went to her, she remembered about promise and just before the beginning we occupied the special first row of chairs installed specially for us, because all the tickets were sold. Just behind us the known producer and actor Oleg Efremov with his wife Alina Pokrovskaya were sitting. And it was possible to find in the theater hall many other known actors and people.

    Actor Beroyev, who died soon after it, performed another main role in this play. Due to it Faina Grigorievna decided not to play this role anymore. But in this evening she was excellent. The content of play in two words consisted of the fact, when the children wanted to have the inheritance of parents, they could send these parents in the insane asylum. Ranevskaya transferred the feeling of impossibility to understand that your nearest people could betray you. Of course she used the cigarettes during the play. Only in the end of performance she used "our" cigarettes, but in other acts she smoke another cigarettes and this fact strongly distracted my attention. When we were permitted to be in the hall, they transferred us one her condition: she asked us to visit her after the performance and to tell her sincerely about our impression.

    In this place I felt, how important to know all details and nuances of language. When I told to my foreigners that she was waiting for us in "lavatory" (in Russian both words - lavatory and dressing room are the same), they were a little shocked. I was clever enough to understand my mistake and with the jokes on language matter we went to her place after all. I thought in this moment that it was so good that the foreigners didn't know all there stories and homosexual nature of great actress and her "novels" with other known lesbians, for example with Margarita Terekhova from the same theater. I think that all these stories were only stories and finally it was her private matter.

    Faina Grigorievna was not alone in her dressing room: the known actress from Leningrad Comedy theater (or the theater of known producer Akimov, about which I shall mention further) Zarubina, who was also known to some films, for example, "Peter the First", was also there. Faina Grigorievna was so tired, because it was really difficult role, and asked us about our impression. She was interested mainly if she did manage to present the character of foreign lady or not. The oldest man in my group told that he had seen the same play in England and the actress there was a little different from what Ranevskaya made: "But such feelings and behavior don't depend on nationality or country: the people and their nature are the same everywhere and this play confirms it".

    Faina Grigorievna was satisfied with these words. All of us began to say some compliment in the address of one to another. We felt that it was time to give her a possibility to rest. We thank her sincerely and her last word were:

    "Volodya, I liked you and shall be happy to see you again and to be your friend". I was happy to hear it. By regret I visited after it some performances with her, but my style of life and absence of time didn't allowed me to realize her wish and suggestion.

    Now only a few words about my travels to Transcaucasian republics. The excursion in Tbilisi was with my institute group. My former girl friend compared always Tbilisi with Paris. Indeed the city in some places is so beautiful and nice. We visited the old capital with its ancient cathedral and the city (Gori), where Stalin was born and had his child's years. A grave of his mother was on the cemetery above the city. The river flowing in city, its embankments and old streets with two-storied buildings and balconies created the special spirit of Tbilisi.

    I was taken or invited just in such building and on the second floor by the nice tender Georgian boy, whom I met in the city gay traditional place. This soft and intelligent man was extremely savage and violent in sex. We tried in a quite short time all possible variants and changed all possible positions in the equal shares. Only in 69 we were unique and equal. But finally I also did everything that he had done. Therefore it was 50 by 50. Frankly he was more intensive in fucking than me, because I was a little tired of long flight from Moscow. I promised to my new and mutually polite Georgian friend to visit him many times in future. But the "future" is over and by regret I've never been again in Tbilisi.

    My trip to Yerevan was connected with visiting there the solar conference, where I had a report. The city astonished me by the color of their building walls: all of them were made practically one the local rose-colored stone. The conference collected the people from all former USSR and was very saturated and active. I was astonished at once by the sorrow looks of all local people. As they explained me later, it was connected with event of 1914, when many Armenians were killed. The monument to this terrible event that was also made of stone, the place were their Catholicos or a head of their church was located, the churches in mountains and the total spirit of Armenia reminded me the very good friend of our family Gaya Artemovna, who was also doctor and worked with my father. She told me much about their country and its tragic history.

    I met a quite young guy with a soft manner of speaking. We understood one to another at once. I liked especially his handsome face, black hairs and sorrow eyes covered by the same thick eyebrows. He was a dancer in their local ballet and we found much common for discussing, because I was quite well informed about all news in the ballet world. I told him that I was living in the hotel and he suggested to go there, because both of us wanted the have the common sexual actions and we even didn't discuss it - it was clear. But when we came in the hotel, the desk clerk determined at once that my companion was a local guy and asked him to show his documents. We were so not prepared for it and even didn't find the reason for explanation. Therefore all my great desire to try what Armenian could do were not fulfilled. In my huge hotel room I understood also that in this daytime we couldn't do something, because there was no walls or screens there, people came to this floor in their near located office and everything was as at scene. Both of us had the so great desire to be together that when we parted not satisfied, I had a severe headache and the ache in my groin.

    In evening I found one local bath with shower cabins. It was clear at once that the most local people came here to find somebody and to have a sex. I was new and many of them expressed a desire to speak to me for the beginning. I preferred the tall, thin and handsome guy with curly hairs. He invited me in his cabin, where we tried everything that it was possible to do, when you were standing. His erected prick was about 30 cm and was straight as arrow. He was kind and polite and we made one action after another as if we had beforehand the carefully prepared scenario. But everything was done spontaneously with our total agreement and desire. Both of us were so hungry of sex and tenderness. So we repeat consequently every action: his cock in my mouth, my cock in his mouth, I kiss his nipples, he kissed mine, my cock in his anus and his long cock in my hole etc. I didn't remember how long we were there. But when I came there it was still light, and when we left it was late and dark and we were the last ones, who left this good for us place.

    Finishing this section I want to remember again some my impressions from the visit to Sukhumi. I was there with Irina and it was the time when the people of so different nationalities lived there in peace. We lived in the gorge, where the Armenian mainly lived. The old owners of our house educated the beautiful Georgian boy. Their son with wife adopted this child, but they understood that he was not healthy psychologically. They decided to return him in the house for children without parents. The old couple loved this boy and decided to educate him. The boy was 5-year old and his grandparent more than 75. But they all of them were happy together.

    In city there were then many Greeks, Russian, Jews and Adjarian local people and as I understood the people of different religions. At least when I went in my shorts (I liked them), many local men criticized me for opening my long legs (my shorts were really short). Irina and me visited the different places with so different national food. Some years later I found the same excellent situation in Los Angeles and especially in New Orleans you could find there the food from all corners of the world. We liked in Sukhumi especially the Georgian khachipuri - bread with cheese covered by eggs but it was special Georgian bread and cheese.

    At the beach I played cards with the people who were, as we knew the Georgian Jews from Tbilisi. Many of them left then Russia and now are living in Israel. Often we had seen as the couples had fucking in the shrubs near beach. Everything was so easy in Sukhumi including the gay relations, about which I knew later. But the first gay, whom we met, was the known ballet master from Leningrad Leonid Jakobson. We began to greet ones to other after two first days, because he liked the same place at beach as we. Then we began our endless talking about everything, because our approaches coincided in all. He was so tender to Irina and me.

    All surrounding people blamed him that he was so old and in spite of it stayed to be gay. For me it was strange to hear it: if you were born as a gay, how could you change your sexual orientation. It was so pity that there were so many attempts to do it in the world and in the former Soviet Union. When I asked the people from Sukhumi, which were accused for homosexuality and were for some years in jail and exile, about possibility to mend gay ways and become straight, they told me that their sexual orientation was only reinforced there: many prisoners and other people used them for satisfaction of their sexual starvation.

    I met the gays in Sukhumi near the toilet of City Park. I mentioned above how I met the people who were involved in the mentioned trial over about 300 gays from all the country. But I met also there two nice friends who were Georgians and both of them wanted to be with me. With one of them I visited the local Turkish bath, and it was the first such bath where I have been. Just there we could do everything and I noticed that nobody paid attention to it: it was natural there. With other friend we had fucking in shrubs on the mountain or hill above city Sukhumi and it was so great to feel yourself as the birds in the height with the cock of your companion in your ass. For me it was strange that both these friends told in details what was done in the absence of one of them. If to be frank, all different actions with both of them were perfectly the same and though they were quite different in appearance, they were as twins in all other things. It was a good time and I am remembering just as now the different foods, all these people, these gays and sex with them that I had done with such great pleasure.

    Vladimir Kabakov

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