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    Population 53.1 million Ukrainian Kozak
    Area 603.700 sq km
    Capital Kiev (Kyiv)
    Country Code +38
    Consent Age 16
    Languages Ukrainian, Russian
    Religion Orthodox, Catholic

    Ukraine is a country rich in the traditions of hospitality. Despite the ominous legacy of Chernobyl (the corroded nuclear reactor there is now a tourist attraction) and the economic hardships that have persisted since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, you will find much to enjoy in Ukraine - from roaming its rolling countryside, where villages are set amid silver birches, to basking in the aging grandeur of Yalta, sun-bathing on gorgeous Crimean beaches, and exploring nightclubs in the sophisticated capital, Kiev. At the same time, Ukraine has a rich legacy of the cultural traditions - kozaks (above) in their spectacular costumes, unforgettably filling Ukrainian cuisine, exquisite churches etc.

    Despite obvious traces of the Westernization in the Ukraine, the Ukrainian gay community does not exist as such. Kiev is the only city offering several gay establishments to choose from. The Ukraine is still a very poor country where a foreigner is considered a Rothschild irrespective of his actual financial standing. Many cute Ukrainian boys are willing to befriend a foreigner with a view to migrate somewhere to the West. Public attitudes towards homosexuals are generally tolerant in Kiev and Kharkov, but the rural localities, especially in the Western Ukraine (Zapadenschina), are extremely conservative, religious and, consecutively, homophobic. However, Ukrainian gays remain active - for as long as three years they have been publishing a gay magazine Odin Iz Nas (One of Us) on a regular basis.

    The key to enjoying a trip to Ukraine is to be flexible, tolerant and patient. Be prepared to expend a lot of energy just to get through the day. While your trip might not be relaxing, a glimpse of this colorful part of the world will definitely be worth the effort.


    The Ukrainian gay and lesbian association has been finally registered by official authorities. More info >>

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