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    Country Russia Red Square After Rain
    Population 10 million
    Area 1035 sq km
    (405 sq mi)
    Area Code 095
    Weather forecast
    Time GMT +3

    Moscow, once the capital of the 'evil empire', has changed more radically in the last half decade than over the previous half century. Once-empty shops have become expensive restaurants, designer boutiques and 24-hour convenience stores. The nightlife, which used to be restricted to cheesy singers at bad restaurants, has exploded into one of the most vibrant and decadent party scenes in Europe.

    The politically ambitious mayor, Yury Luzhkov, has transformed the center of the city by rebuilding the magnificent Christ the Savior Cathedral and constructing a huge, three-story-deep shopping mall under Manezh Square, next to the Kremlin. The crime wave of the early '90s has tapered off - the notorious mafia have become more subtle in their dress and business methods. The ruble has stabilized after the runaway inflation of 1992-94. Moscow is acquiring all the attributes of a Western European city at breakneck speed - but all interpreted with an unmistakably Russian panache. Young Muscovite women read the Russian-language Cosmopolitan, dress in Benetton, rollerblade on weekends and order goat-cheese-and-basil pizza by phone. The clientele at the city's stylish restaurants wouldn't look out of place at the Ivy or Spago, and mobile phones are commonplace.

    Gay Moscow has also a lot to offer to its guests. The elite gay clubs are at your desire at all times. Cheaper gay discos are full with a mixed gay and straight teenage crowd dressed in unisex style. Cruising places known as 'pleshkas' swarm with cuties from the sunset till the dawn. Lascivious steam of gay saunas takes you to the land of dreaming! But, above all, Moscow is the city of genuine and sincere souls. Of famous Russian gay charms. So, what is going to be? Maybe, it is Moscow, where you will find Him or Her? Do come, do see! Gay Moscow is worth visiting!

    Your Guide to Moscow
    Nikita Ivanov

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