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Moscow, St.Petersburg or Kiev are big cities where commuting from one sight or museum to another takes considerable time. If you are mostly travelling on your own, getting around could become a real trouble unless you possess a fair grasp of the Russian language: street names are written in Cyrillic letters, subway and bus maps are in Russian only, and only few people in the street speak foreign languages sufficiently to understand and meaningfully respond to your questions, should you get lost and decide to ask for your way. Taxi drivers consider foreign tourists 'easy prey' and often double and triple their prices (meters are broken or not functioning in many cars). Besides, ticket salespersons in the booths or at museum entrances more often than not speak no English either.

Visitors who wish to avoid these hassles, often ask us how to find a guide to show them around the city and provide assistance with translations. Many ask specifically for a gay guide with a view to visit gay places of the capital and make the firsthand acquaintance with the local gay scene, which merits a closer look! Others just feel more comfortable having someone from the gay community around them, especially when travelling as a couple or a small group.

Below you will find the list of our personal guides ready to assist you in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Kiev or at the Lake Baikal, please contact each of them individually regarding their availability on specific dates and rates.

The guide's services include assisting you with getting around, providing information on sights and/or clubs, as well as facilitating your communication at all times. You should not expect guides to provide escort services, but at your request they will be happy to arrange introduction with escorts or rentboys.

You should expect the hourly rate of a guide to be USD 10 or higher depending on the guide's experience. Admission fees, cover charges, and transportation expenses are customarily paid separately.

If you use the services of our guides, we strongly encourage you to write us and share your opinion on the quality of the service provided. With your permission we will publish your feedback to facilitate the choice between different guides for those guests who will come after you.


Dimitri (
28 yo, friendly and communicative guy with good command of English. I have an extensive experience being a travel guide for foreign visitors. I have been living in Moscow since 1993 and I look forward to introducing you to this wonderful city. Please check my homepage for more pictures, information and references.

Mikhail (
My name is Mikhail, I am 28. I would like to show you the best city in the world (most of my client would confirm it). The tour is so fun you will forget about sleep and have fun all night, heck you will probably even forget about your wife. I would strongly recommend to cheat on your wife here: the most beautiful thing in Russia is the people. Some features of my program include: Dining in the restaurants on the top floors of Moscow skyscrapers with the best views of the city (we can save some money having dinner on the first floor after we see the birds eye view). A lot of exercise: walking or driving. I would recommend the metro, when it is packed - you can touch everybody you want (I like big buttocks).
References for Mikhail   ***   Mikhail's web-site

Viktor (
Dear English-speaking guest 30 y.o., GWM, masculine, sporty guy, can be your personal guide in Moscow. Would like to show you different places of interest, cultural program and after 8 p.m. russian gay life.I know all legal gay scene in Moscow and SPb, so, can avoid troubles and arrange protection in all unexpected situation. As MBA and MD have all interesting historical and common information of Moscows history, places of interest and museums (galleries),can show you the most interesting charming gay bars, clubs, saunas and Gyms,know Russian Cusine and provide unforgettable fun time and rest.
References for Viktor   ***   Victor's web-site

Roman (
30 y.o., handsome, sporty guy, can be your personal guide in Moscow, dear English-speaking foriegn guest. Different places of interest, cultural and trade centres, clubs and gymhalls.... are on your route. I ll give you the most interesting information about capital sight-seeings. Beside, I can be your sport instructor and simply pleasant speaker.
Roman's page w/pictures   ***   References for Roman

Vladimir (
I like to be g/l guide not only because of special education (in Moscow, where I live more than 40 years, and San Francisco) and great experience, but it is so interesting for me to work with the people from Our World. I am ready to inform you generally about history, culture and events in Russia as well as, in particular, in our local gay community and to show you all corresponding places.
References for Vladimir


Andrei (
20 y.o. St. Petersburg Native Who Knows City Like the Back of His Hand: I have extensive knowledge of St Petersburg's history, culture and nightlife--especially the gay scene. My friends and I will ensure that your stay in St Petersburg will be exciting, safe, and memorable. My fee is negotiable.
Andrei's homepage   ***   References for Andrei

Ann (,
I'm now 23 yo and I have a 3 year experience in guiding to St.Petersburg. Well, if you're not looking for a dull tour along with your boring fellow tourists and droningly sounding guide which seems to never cease, if you want to go where you want and to see there beyond standard tour programms, then I may help you. Well, I really mignt happen not to know much about architectors and particular pieces but I feel the spirit of the city and I can arrange your personal program whatever you would like to see. References for Ann

Misha (
I am a 25 year old St. Petersburg resident who would be proud to introduce you to my city: its attractions, its entertainment and its secrets. As your personal guide, chauffeur and translator I believe my intimate knowledge of St-Petersburg and neighboring towns, coupled with my extroverted personality and network of friends and contacts, will afford you the most varied and unique tour available. No request is too unreasonable and no task is too difficult as I thrive on challenges and wish to present you with the broadest spectrum. I will guide you securely and economically through all the weird and wonderful sights, scenes and sensations of this diversely rich city plus the simplicity, hospitality and authenticity of surrounding old Russian towns. Why restrict yourself to the tourist traps when I can unfold the little-known secrets of St. Petersburg before you?
Misha's homepage   ***   References for Misha

Nicolas (
I would like to be your personal guide to our great and historic city! My name is Nicolas and with my knowledge of St. Petersburg, I can show you many of its out of the way places; places that would not usually be seen by the normal tourist. If you wish to visit St. Petersburg, a truly pleasurable and unique experience can be yours. Simply contact me by email and set up a personally guided tour of the City of the Czars. Open the program to your visit!
Nicolas's page w/pictures   ***   References for Nicolas

Sergei (
37 y.o. freelance professional tour giude in St.Petersburg, 12 years of experience, work for travel agencies, English and Spanish.
References for Sergei


We are a group of students from the city of Irkutsk, in Siberia. We all have experience as professional tour guides and have grouped together to offer our personal knowledge of Irkutsk and Baikal Lake to travelers of all kinds, who may need some help with being met at the train station or airport, getting accommodation (hotel or homestay), travel arrangements, tours of Irkutsk, any entertainments in Irkutsk, trips to Lake Baikal, finding their way around, or just meeting people. We pride ourselves on being cheap and independent. To know more about us, to know more about gay life in Irkutsk, to know more about Baikal We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any comments/complaints about the performance of our guides, please do not hesitate to share them with us at

Listing on this page is free. If you want to be listed here, please send an one-page CV in English with a brief description of your experience as a travel guide to

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