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Transgendered, transsexual and transvestites

TRANS is a section for transgendered, transsexuals and transvestites. Human sexuality is not limited to being gay, bisexual, lesbian or straight. The Latin prefix trans- means "over", "beyond". Likewise all trans-something people, whether voluntarily or by virtue of circumstances, overstep the limitations of our traditional notions on gender roles and sexual identities.

For those that don't know the difference, transsexuals (transgendered) are people feeling that the sex of their souls does not match their biological gender and want to change that. Transvestites are merely men that enjoy wearing women's clothes. To add some confusion, it should be added that both can be gay or straight, thus giving rise to so-called transgays and translesbians.

Trans-people are bright and talented, they become renowned impersonators and travesti, they add colors and flavour to every show they partake in. Even the sternest homophobes cannot help admiring their artful performance. They bring joy and lightness into our being and we highly appreciate it!


Transvestites, often called "drag queens", are the most common "species" of TRANS-people. They make the key actors in shows of every progressive club, both gay and straight.

The Royal She
by Melissa Akin and Sarah Karush (1998)
There are only a handful of people in the world who look good in tight, see-through dresses. A few Moscow men are among them.

Weird Moscow
by Chloe Arnold (1997)
"You can make anything from $500 to $800 a night," he says. "All you need is a great body and to know the words of every Madonna song ever written."

Go Girl!
by Gary Matoso and Lisa Dickey (1995)
The woman who emerges seductively from Grisha's bedroom looks nothing like the man who went in just an hour before.

Shaved, Brave and Ready to Rave
by Owen Matthews (1995)
"I've been dressing up as a woman for 15 years now," said Ivan. "Before, we had to do it on the quiet, in secret, but now we can be women as much as we like."


Julie's Desperate Search for Home
by Kevin O'Flynn (1999)
"The Russians want to kill me because I'm Chechen, and the Chechens want to kill me because I'm a transsexual," said Julie.


Trans Sites
Complete listing of sites by Russian trans-people and for Russian trans-people that contain at least some information in English.


Personals (English)
Our Universe is so diverse: no wonder we received and published several personal ads from transsexual people. Feel free to explore their amazing word, yet take care not to hurt their vulnerable souls!

Friend wanted! (Russian)
Personals of Russian transsexuals/transvestites and in Russian. If you cannot read Russian, you may try this web-translation engine. If the link does not work, please let me know.

Gay.Ru English Message Board
Anyone is welcome to this board whether the actual gender does not matter. The only things that count are the wittiness and mastery of English tongue!

Trans Message Board (Russian)
Message board for transgendered, transsexuals and transvestites. Personals to/from transpeople are allowed.


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