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Icon of St.Sergius and BacchusThe Eastern Orthodox tradition always had a particularly strong impact on the Russian history and the Russian mentality. Since the forced conversion of pagan Slavs into the Christianity in the late tenth century the Russian Orthodox Church enjoyed the extensive support of the official 'mundane' authorities. During the Soviet era the Orthodox church who did not fit into the Communist doctrine suffered from repressions, but after the perestroika the official authorities and the Russian partriarchy united again in a not-so-saint alliance.

The Eastern Orthodoxy is the most rigourous of all Christian denominations, traditionally associated with monasticity, months-long lents, mortification of the flesh, and severe restrictions on sexual activities. The Orthodox Church still treats gays as depraved sinners who do not merit redemption and feigns to forget about a centuries-old rite of brotherhood, which is alleged by the researcher to be an analog of a same-sex marriage.

At the same time, those who preach about the mortal sin of the homosexuality hardly feel constrained by their own admonitions, which gave rise to a series of 'gay bishop' scandals in 1997-1999. The Orthodox Church is by far the most hypocrite social institution in the modern Russia and the double standard in respect to the homosexuality is a good proof thereof.

From Sports to Cloning, the Church Speaks
by Alexey Zolotov Jr.
The official position of the Russian Orthodox Church reaffirms its unequivocal condemnation of homosexuality.

On Being Orthodox And Gay
by Nicholas Zymaris
Gay people should not have to waste years of their life being tormented by the idea that their God-given capacity to love is a sin to be utterly suppressed. We sin because we are fallen humans, not because we are gay.

Adelphopoiia - The Rite of Spiritual Brotherhood
by Nicholas Zymaris
Introduction to the rite of spiritual brotherhood practiced by the Eastern Orthodox Church to unite same-sex couples in a way similar to the marriage from as early as the ninth century AD.

"Chin Bratotvoreniyu"
Translation of the Old Church Slavonic text of the Rite of Brotherhood from the Russian prayer book of 1904.

Florensky on Brotherhood Rite
The Russian spiritual philosopher Father Pavel Florensky on the brotherhood rite.

Fraternization from a Canonical Perspective
by Fr. Evangelos K. Mantzouneas
The Greek Synod Committee on Legal and Canonical Matters explains its position on the rite of fraternization: "Through fraternization the ideal love between youths was made obvious".

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