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Gay Family

The institution of family has always played an important role in Russia. The sire, the patriarch, used to guide other family members, determining what would be good for them and deciding for the young which road to choose. Although such relationships were supposed to operate in an atmosphere of acceptance, intimacy, support, and trust, very often, like in many other cultures, the elders failed to make a fair judgement, breaking lives of many subsequent generations.

Same-sex unions are not generally accepted in Russia, especially in smaller provincial cities, and you are advised to refrain from showing affection in public. Still negative public attitude cannot prevent two loving hearts from staying together. Now the time has come to extend the traditional notion of a family so as to include same-sex unions. Even the traditional Orthodox bias steps back before the face of the current changes. Yonger Russians openly show their strength and determination, fighting back the old prejudices. Some of those who dare to reveal their sexual orientation never regret their coming out.


Living Gay in Russia
by Gary Matoso and Lisa Dickey (1995)
An experiment in interactive photojournalism featuring joys and sorrows of a gay couple living in Russia.

Love of Friends Will Save the World
by Andrey Maimulakhin (1997)
A gay couple lives in a small Ukrainian village: one of them paints, the other knits...

Ordinary Family
by Andrey Maimulakhin (1998)
Is they a different between gay and straight families? Apparently none, except not every family runs a match-making service...


International Adoptions: A New Route For Gays
by Peter Freiberg (1998)
Despite the difficulties, an increasing number of American gays are applying to adopt internationally and succeeding.

Adoption Goes From Hell To Heaven
by Tracey Eckels (1999)
Daniels and her partner of three years traveled from Maryland to Moscow to snow-drenched Siberia only to adopt a child from Russia.

Russias Exported Children
by Deborah Hastings (2001)
The number of violently disturbed adopted kids from Russia is increasing; and this dangereous trend may hit straight and gay families alike.

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