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"Naughty Girls"

(c) Lesbian ConneXion/Vlaanderen Naughty Girls - a section about lesbians for lesbians. I don't like the word "lesbian". It has some medical and communist flavor, even stench. In Russia nothing will make it decent, neither latinisms, nor picturesque foamy waves of the Aegean Sea. Lesbian means deviation, period. Let us be just the best naughty girls.

I don't want to be an expert. We are all very different, and you are welcome to join me here on this page. I look forward to receiving your letters, stories, pictures, etc.

Good luck to all of us!

Eugenia Debryanskaya,
Russian lesbian activist


Life Line
by Victoria Amanova (1999)
I have always been fond of women, and so I was never scared by the society's attitude to my likes, and the term "pervert" did not stigmatized, much less - defamed me...

To Be a Lesbian in Ukraine
by Tatiana (1998)
At 19 I heard the word "lesbian" for the first time - it was pronounced with such contempt that no doubts were left concerning its utter indecency...

Low Awareness Shelters Russia's Lesbian Moms
by Heather Clark (1997)
Russian laws are quite favorable for lesbians, giving them more freedom than they have in other Western European countries...


Lesbian Moscow
Guide to lesbian meeting point and get-togethers in Moscow, Russia.

Lesbian St.Petersburg
Guide to the lesbian side of queer life in St.Petersburg, Russia.


Personals (English)
We do not discriminate between gays and lesbians when it comes to personal ads. There are some dyke personals published in this section and we welcome more to come!

Girlfriend wanted! (Russian)
Personals of Russian lesbians and in Russian. If you cannot read Russian, you may try this web-translation engine. If the link does not work, please let me know.

Gay.Ru English Message Board
Although this message board has long been mostly populated by Russian and foreign gay men, lesbians are also welcome - feel free to publish your personals, initiate discussions or share life stories and concerns here.

Lesbian Message Board (Russian)
Ladies only message board. All messages from men are automatically deleted. Personals to/from lesbians are allowed.


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