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Belarus Lambda League Statement

On your request to comment a letter of GAY.RU site creator Mr Ivanov "Failure of Belarus Gay Pride 2000 Was Staged to Get More Grants" we would like to note the following:

It is not possible to criticise, comment, reject, false information, contained in Mr Ivanov's letter, styled and written in Gebels [Hebbels?] classic propaganda spirit.

Neither BLL, Forum Lambda magazine, Gay Pride Committee never have been engaged and will never be engaged in dirty intrigues.

On behalf of BLL
Elena Guscha, Vladimir Budai, Vitaly Shuranov, Edward Tarletski, Pavel Golushko

On behalf of Forum Lambda magazine
Tina Klykovskaya, Alexander Rymkevich, Sergei Volkov, Inna Zhisnevskaya, Denis Sviridenko

On behalf of Gay Pride Committee
Alexander Plesetski, Dmitri Tsihanovich, Elena Adamchik, Natalya Sokolovskaya, Natalia Alexeeva, Vlad Urzov

September, 21, 2000, Minsk


Failure of Belarus Gay Pride 2000 Was Staged to Get More Grants
The initial article, to which this statement is a response.

Response from a Belarus Citizen
Belarus citizens are not satisfied with such unintelligible statement of BLL.

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