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Deputies Add Lesbian Sex to the List of Crimes

Moscow, 14 May: The members of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) faction in the Russian State Duma submitted a proposal to introduce criminal prosection of lesbianism.

Aleksey Mitrofanov of the LDPR told the press on Tuesday [14 May] that his faction put forward a bill on Monday, amending the [current] Russian Criminal Code so that lesbianism can be prosecuted. The deputies have suggested punishing this category of people by one to five years of imprisonment.

"As soon as leader of the People's Deputy group Gennadiy Raykov put forward his bill to criminally punish homosexual relations between men, parity should be observed so that lesbianism is prosecuted as well," Mitrofanov said.

Moreover, Mitrofanov maintained that the LDPR's legislative initiative is even more interesting, as "it is women who are the most important participants in the demographic process from the state's viewpoint and so a tight hand must be kept on them".

In general, "we are against abortions and prostitution and in favor of prosecuting lesbians", he said.

If corresponding articles envisioning criminal liability for homosexuality are added to the Criminal Code, these articles should be primarily applied to inmates, Mitrofanov said. The matter is not about "catching someone in the street", he said.

Interfax news agency, Moscow, in English 08:58 GMT, 14 May 2002


Russia Set to Recriminalize Gay Sex (2002)
Five Russian MPs, among them the head of the Russian delegation to the Council of Europe, introduce a draft law that would make sexual intercourse between consenting adult males punishable with 1 to 5 years in jail.

Official Statement by Gay.Ru
Gay.Ru strongly condemns the draft law criminalizing sex between consenting adult males as a gross violation of the right to privacy that belongs to a million of Russian gay and bisexual men.

Deputies Want to Outlaw Gay Sex
The draft law criminalizing sex between consenting adult males was called a blatant publicity stunt by fellow deputies who do not expect that it would ever become law.

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