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At present lesbians and gays in post-Soviet countries still remain 'non-subjects' of the law. The only positive legal developement for the lesbian and gay community was the abolishment of criminal statutes penalizing male-to-male sexual intercourse between consenting adults that ensued in early 1990s. Today there are no references to homosexuality on the books outside of the criminal law context.

Legal status of Russian gays remains precarious; they are often subjected to abuse and harassment both by government official and fellow citizens. The gay community suffers from disconnectedness; hate crimes and instances of discimination are hard to document and use as test cases. The general inefficiency of the judiciary render impact litigation useless for all practical purposes.

Legal Position of Russian Gays and Lesbians (2000)
Comprehensive report on the legal position of Russian lesbians and gays as of November 2000.

Russian Criminal Code
Extracts from the currently effective text.

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